The Scientific Graphics Project


^ David HoffmanHead, Scientific Graphics Project
^ Jim HoffmanSenior Graphics Programmer
^ Matthias WeberResearch Professor

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Selected Papers:
^ Complete Embedded Minimal Surfaces of Finite Total Curvature
^ The Singly Periodic Genus-One Helicoid
^ Mixing Mathematics and Materials
^ Embedded Minimal Ends Asymptotic to the Helicoid
^ Isoperimetric flow and convexity of H-graphs
^ Rotations of the three-sphere and symmetry of the Clifford torus
^ Positively curved surfaces with no tangent support plane

Conferences, Past and Future:
^ Self-Assembling Geometric Structures in Material Science: The Geometry of Interfaces in Mesoscopic Materials
held at MSRI, April 12-14, 1999
^ Applied Mathematics and Computational Methods in Memory of Fred Howes
to be held at MSRI, March 1-3, 2001
^ Global Theory of Minimal Surfaces
to be held at MSRI, June 25 through July 27, 2001

Selected Pages:
Skeletal Graphs of Selected Surfaces
Skeletal Graphs Approximated by Level Surfaces
Animation of the P-G-D Surface Associate Family
Costa Surface, with parameter deformation animations
Tri-partitions of the unit cube
TEMsim sample volume projections
Minimal Surfaces Index
Animation of Elser's Surface