Minimal Surfaces Index

Non-Embedded Miminal Surfaces
Surfaces with Enneper Ends
Enneper's Surface
Generalized Enneper's Surface Family
Chen-Gackstatter Thayer Surfaces
Embedded Minimal Surfaces
Classical Finite-Topology Surfaces
The Plane
The Catenoid
The Helicoid
New Non-Periodic Surfaces
Surfaces with Planar and Catenoidal Ends
Costa-Hoffman-Meeks Surface Families
Four-Ended Surfaces
Four-End-Handled Surfaces
Surfaces with Helicoidal Ends
The Genus 1 Helicoid
Singly-Periodic Surfaces
Scherk's Second Surface and Variants
Scherk's Second Surface
Saddle Tower Surface Families
Karcher-Scherk Tower Surface Families
Riemann Surface and Variants
Riemann's Surface Family
Genus 1 Riemann Surface Family
Infinite Ended Surface and Variants
Infinite Ended Surfaces
Twisted Infinite Ended Surface Families
Punctured Helicoids
Periodic Genus 1 Helicoid Family
Doubly-Peroidic Surfaces
Scherk's First Surface and Variants
Scherk's First Surface
Perturbed Scherk's First Surface Family
Perturbed Genus 1 Scherk's First Surface Family
Scherk Torii
First Sherk Torus Surface Family
Second Sherk Torus Surface Family
Other Scherk-Ended Doubly Periodic Surfaces
Wohlgemuth Thayer Surface Families
Karcher Poltier Thayer Surface Families
Triply-Peroidic Surfaces
Surfaces With Cubic Symmetry
Schwarz P Surface
D (Diamond) Surface
G (Gyroid) Surface