SGP Site Guide
NOTE: This guide describes an earlier version of the SGP website and does not not accurately reflect the current design in all details. The post December-2004 version eliminates the bimodal operation described in Section 2, so that most pages named index.html have a table of contents frame.

1) Overview
2) Frame Structure
3) Navigation and Customization Components
4) Construction Zones
5) Browser Advice
5) Copyright Notice

1) Overview

The majority of SGP web pages are organized into several distinct hierarchies or trees, currently including Geometry, Software, and Images. In addition to being able to navigate between pages through links in the content portion of the page (the 'main' frame), special facilities are provided for local movement within the current hierarchy, and global movement within the SGP web site.

2) Frame Structure

Most pages have two modes of presentation -- one with and one without a table of contents. Each mode has a different frame structure, illustrated below.

2.1) Page Without Table of Contents

When viewing such a page, traversing any link results in the replacement of the root frameset, and thus the updating of the URL line with the target location.

2.2) Page With Table of Contents

When viewing such a page, traversing most links to other SGP pages only replaces the 'main' frame, leaving the URL line unchanged. In order to update the URL line to reflect the current page, select the URL button.

3) Navigation and Customization Components

In addition to the links provided in the content of the main frame, and the items in the TOC, Other facilities are provided to assist in navigation, including the hierarchy navigation buttons in the main frame, the global navigation buttons in the strip below the main frame, and the TOC customization buttons below the TOC, if present.

3.1) Hierarchy Navigation Buttons

The hierarchy navigation buttons allow movment to the parent or previous or next siblings of the current page within the current hierarchy. The current hierarchy is depicted by the icon in the center of the button cluster. The root page of a hierarchy has no hierarchy navigation buttons because it has no parent or siblings. Other pages may lack one or both sibling button(s) being the first and/or last sibling.

3.2) TOC Customization Buttons

The TOC customization buttons allow control over the level of detail and presence of the TOC. In addition the URL button is provided to reset the root framset to the location containing the currently displayed main frame, thereby updating the URL line of the browser to reflect this location.

3.3) Global Navigation Buttons

Global navigation buttons appear in the strip below the main frame.

4) Construction Zones

Numerous construction zones are found in the SGP web site, indicating missing content, or content that is compromised due to problems such as bugs in the Java Virtual Machine. These zones are subsets of the SGP site, not the entire site. It is hoped that this distinction will keep the following icons out of The Construction Sign Museum.

4.1) Construction Zone Delimiters

A Construction Zone is delimited by the symbols:

Content between construction zone delimiters should be viewed without expectation of accuracy.

4.2) Future Construction Sites

A site of planned future construction is indicated by the symbol:

Smaller versions of this symbol simply indicate missing data.

5) Browser Advice

The SGP site is designed to work work well on Netscape Navigator 3 and 4. Many aspects of the site, particularly its layout and appearance will be greatly compromised under Internet Explorer.

6) Copyright Notice

Copyright © 1998-2004 James T. Hoffman, et. al. Any person is permitted to view, copy, or distribute the contents of this site subject to the following conditions:

  • Contents may be used for informational purposes only.
  • Contents may only be used for non-commercial purposes.
  • Any copy of the contents or any portion thereof must include this copyright notice, unless waved by the copyright holder in a written agreement.
For other uses of the content of this site, inquire with the site's contributors.