Communicating Interactive Geometry

Ulli Kortenkamp

We would like to present "The Interactive Geometry Software Cinderella", a Java-based software for dynamic Geometry comparable to Geometer's Sketchpad or Cabri Geometry II. Cinderella enables anybody to create really interactive webpages containing constructions, animations or guided exercises. This makes it the ideal tool for geometry communication via the Internet. The advanced features of Cinderella are based on a blend of 19th century mathematics (complex Projective Geometry, Cayley-Klein geometries, ...) and new theory developed by the authors (Complex Tracing & Randomized Theorem Checking). Only with the help of a solid mathematical foundation and a state-of-the-art implementation it was possible to create a tool that can be used by students of all grades as well as in research.

More Information about Cinderella can be found on the Cinderella website at

created Mon Dec 6 17:41:58 PST 1999