Projects in Electronic Information and Electronic Publication supervised by EMS

Bernd Wegner

Literature databases, scientific journals and communication between researchers on the electronic level are rapidly developing tools in mathematics having high impact on the daily work of mathematicians. They improve the availability of information on all important achievements in mathematics, speed up the publication and communication procedures and lead to enhanced facilities for the preparation and presentation of research in mathematics.

The European Mathematical Information Service (EMIS) tries to bundle several of these facilities in a joint offer, to extend them by innovative components and to distribute them in a system of replicators for the benefit of mathematicians worldwide. EMIS has been founded by the European Mathematical Society (EMS) and is run under their supervision with support from the office of Zentralblatt MATH in Berlin. It is based on the voluntary supply of input from sources distributed worldwide.

The aim of the lecture is to give a more detailed report on one of these projects, the so-called EULER porject developing a search engine for distributed mathematical sources in the web, and to survey related activities like the databases MATH and MATHDI and the JFM-project for the indexation and digitalization of classical literature in mathematics. Additional projects like the Electronic Library, offering a variety of freely accessible electronic journals in mathematics, and the preprint index MPRESS will be subject of other lectures.

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