Integrated System of Information Resources of RAS

Alexei Zhizhchenko

The Current State of the Implementation: At the moment the first version of the ISIR is implemented and is accessible by the address '' for Russian version and '' for the English one.

The system is implemented as a digital library and supports different types of resources that are essentially data types of digital objects kept in the digital library.

Resources are closely related with each other and these relations are supported by the system.

The system supports the following resource types: person, organization, department, publication, and project.

Resources organization and department have the following attributes: full and short names, organization type, address, phone, e-mail, URL, the way to access, historical remarks, activity, picture, staff.

Resource person has the following attributes: full name, academic degree, position, activity, picture.

Resource publication has the following attributes: title, annotation, date, publishing house, theme, full text. Resource project has the following attributes: title, description, dates, theme, key words.

The system is multilingual, but at the moment only information in Russian and English is loaded. To support hierarchical relations and different thematic classifiers special navigation mechanisms are implemented that take resource types into account. It is possible to search resources by values of their attributes, to edit them using Web interface.

It is possible to navigate through space of resources, looking the resource properties, loading their contents. Different levels of access control are provided.

Resource metadata are kept in a relational database, resource contents is kept either in RDBMS, or in a file system, depending on resource type. A resource can have a number of copies that can have different formats.

The system is currently implemented under UNIX (S) and MS Windows NT, with the use of RDBMS Oracle and Oracle Web-server. The implementation for MS-SQL Server and Access is now under development.

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