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Postdoctoral Seminar September 11, 2009
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Location: MSRI: Simons Auditorium
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Luis Tabera: "Singular tropical curves"
In this context a singular tropical curve is a plane tropical curve that it is the image, under the valuation map, of a singular planar curve over the field of Puiseux series. I will give a characterization of singular tropical curves in terms of common zeros of the curves and the partical derivatives. This is a work in progress with A. Dickenstein.

Sonja Hohloch: "Floer theory: dynamics and hyperkähler geometry"
We present two very different aspects of Floer theory important for dynamical systems and geometry: On the one hand, we sketch Floer homology generated by homoclinic points (i.e. intersection points of the stable and unstable manifold). On the other hand, we try to motivate Floer homology on flat, compact hyperkähler manifolds.

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