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Postdoctoral Seminar October 30, 2009
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Location: MSRI: Baker Board Room
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Gregg Musiker: "An introduction to cluster algebras from surfaces"

This talk will be an introduction to cluster algebras and the positivity conjecture of Fomin and Zeleinvinsky, assuming no prior background. Examples of cluster algebras include geometric objects such as the coordinate ring of the Grassmannian as well as polynomial analogues of numerical sequences such as the Somos sequences. Fibonacci numbers, and Markoff numbers. I will then discuss cluster algebras from surfaces as defined by Fomin-Shapiro-Thurston. Time permitting, I will present joint work with Ralf Schiffler and Lauren Williams in which we prove the positivity conjecture for such cluster algebras.

Sikimeti Ma'u: "Moduli spaces of disks and A-infinity axioms"

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