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Two Charge Ensembles on the Line. September 29, 2010
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Location: MSRI: Simons Auditorium
Speaker(s) Christopher Sinclair
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We consider an ensemble of charged particles on the line in the harmonic oscillator potential. Some number of the particles have charge 1 and the remaining have charge 2 and we constrain the ensemble to have a total charge of N. This ensemble is solvable, in that the particles form a Pfaffian point process on the line. A parameter (the fugacity) controls the proportion of particles, and the ensemble interpolates with this parameter between GOE and GSE. I will talk about global results: the density function for the number of each particle, as well as the spatial density of each type of particle for a value of the fugacity which connects this ensemble to Ginibre?s real ensemble. This is joint work with B Rider and Y Xu.

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