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Shear Wave Speed Recovery in Crawling Wave Sonoelastography October 26, 2010 All Day
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Description Location: Bakerboard Room

In elastography, the goal is to recover biomechanical
properties of tissue from wave propagation data.  The crawling wave
technique is a recent development in ultrasound elastography in which
two harmonic excitations are made at nearby frequencies, creating a
moving interference pattern of shear waves.  If the two frequencies are
chosen appropriately, the interference pattern travels slowly enough
that its propagation can be captured on traditional ultrasound machines.
In this talk we present a method for recovering the shear wave speed
from crawling wave data.  In addition, we show that we are able to use
crawling wave data to identify prostate cancer in vitro by imaging the
shear wave speed.  We also describe how our imaging method can be
applied when displacement data from two independent shear waves are
combined to create a synthetic moving interference pattern.
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