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Discussion on RMT Community Server October 27, 2010 (01:00 PM PDT - 02:00 PM PDT)
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Description Speaker: Jim Pittman
Location: Bakerboard Room

We will discuss the idea of creating a RMT community website. The primary role of 
this website would be to archive abstracts of papers on random matrix theory and related fields, for the
convenience  of researchers in the field. Initially, all abstracts could be obtained and updated by
a suitable automated feed from arXiv.org .
This would be a custom-made collection of abstracts/titles for the RMT community. 
An automated email listing new articles would be sent out to people on a mailing list.  Since articles on RMT appear in  
different categories (Probability, Analysis, Nonlinear Sciences, ...)  and in many other sciences (physics, engineering), this 
would be an  easy way for researchers to keep track of what is happening in RMT.  Another purpose  of this website would be to increase the communal feeling of RMT community.   This could be assisted by providing simple profile pages for RMT community members, with links to e.g. homepages, abstracts on the server, and complete personal bibliographies, which might be maintained either locally on the RMT server, beneath researcher's homepage, or elsewhere, e.g. on Bibsonomy http://www.bibsonomy.org/.
Jim Pitman (UC Berleley), who suggested the idea, is involved in development of a similar server for probability community,
based on the Probability Abstract Service http://pas.imstat.org/ which was founded in 1991. 
He will talk about what is needed to create and maintain such a community service.

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