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Orbifold completion of defect bicategories (Matrix Factorization Day) March 21, 2013 (11:00 AM PDT - 11:50 AM PDT)
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Location: MSRI: Baker Board Room
Speaker(s) Nils Carqueville
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Motivated by topological quantum field theory, one can start from any pivotal bicategory B and construct its "orbifold completion" B_orb in terms of certain Frobenius algebras. The completion satisfies the natural properties B \subset B_orb and (B_orb)_orb = B_orb, and it gives rise to various new equivalences and nondegeneracy results. I will explain this construction (which is joint work with Ingo Runkel) and apply it to the bicategory of isolated singularities and matrix factorisations. Applications include a unified perspective on ordinary equivariant matrix factorisations, a one-line proof of Knörrer periodicity, and new equivalences for simple singularities.

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