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Universal covers of commutative finite Morley rank groups January 28, 2014 (01:30 PM PST - 03:00 PM PST)
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Location: MSRI: Baker Board Room, Commons Room
Speaker(s) Martin Bays (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster)
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As part of his programme to tackle the model theory of complex exponentation, Zilber (2002) obtained a categoricity result for the structure of the exponential map in the "Lie algebra" language <C;+> --> <C^*;+,*>, where the domain has only linear structure.

I will present an abstract version of this result, where C^* is replaced by an almost arbitrary commutative finite Morley rank group - for example by a semiabelian variety in arbitrary characteristic, or a Manin kernel.

I will aim to give some details of the proof.

This is work-in-preparation with Bradd Hart and Anand Pillay.

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