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We have programs for K-12 students, undergraduate students, and graduate students.

 K-12 students


   MSRI supports after school programs called math circles that bring together professional mathematicians and students (or teachers)  to enjoy engaging mathematical activities. See www.mathcircles.org




Visit the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival Website at the American Institute of Mathematics



Math circles & Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad MSRI organizes a mathematical competition known as the Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad. The Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad (BAMO) is an annual competition among 250 Bay Area middle- and high-school students, consisting of five proof-type math problems, which is held on the last Tuesday of February. It now includes a competition for teachers. The Hilde L. Mosse Foundation as well as other private donors generously fund it. http://www.bamo.org/



 http://www.mathematicaladventures.org  The primary goal of BAMA (Bay Area Mathematical Adventures) is to challenge and motivate students to think mathematically. Speakers will present real mathematics, and will share with the audience modern views of mathematics. Some talks will provide students with related problems, or will enable teachers to expand later on the topics with their students.



 For undergraduates

The main activity for undergraduates supported by MSRI is MSRI-UP. Suggestions for undergraduates may be found on our undergraduate page.

 For graduate students

 The main activity for graduate students at MSRI is the Summer Graduate Workshop series. See full information on the graduate student page.