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Equipment Available to Members and Workshop Participants

Assistive Listening

Sets of ear phones are available to use during workshops or seminars in the Simons Auditorium. Ask the videographer upstairs on the balcony or drop by Computing office 214.


If you want to amplify your voice, there is usually a wireless mic in the podium in the Simons auditorium. Attach the mic at the top of your shirt. The closer to your throat the mic is placed, the better the amplification will be. We also have a mobile cart with an amplifier, speakers and a wireless mic.


MSRI has laptops to loan for presentations. If you brought your laptop, instruction are located in the podiums to connect to the projectors in the Baker Board Room and Simons Auditorium.

Presentation Remotes

These are usually located in the podium in the Baker Board Room and the Simons Auditorium. The black remote works with most laptops. The silver remote works only with Windows machines.


Mobile projectors and projection screens are also available as needed. There are two overhead projectors in the Simons Auditorium. An Elmo Digital Presenter is also available. Drop by the Computing department and we will set it up for your presenation.

Recorded Lectures

MSRI tapes almost all of the workshop lectures in the Simons Auditorium. Generally, the lectures are made available two weeks after the end of the workshop. You can decline to have your lecture posted on our website. The videographer will ask you to sign a consent form to indicate MSRI is permitted to post your lecture online.

A camcorder is available for members who wish to tape a lecture. Please transfer your video off the camera before returing it to us. We delete all content upon return.