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There are several printers available for your use, from any of our various networks.

Our high-volume printers are the wired network printers on the second and third floor. All printers are HP Laser printers.

    We currently use a variety of protocols to control all the network printers. These protocols allow printers to be advertised to Mac OS and Linux machines. Windows must manually add printers (depending on your version of MS Windows). 


    Where Output Goes

    Every system in MSRI's Chern Hall is set to print to a particular printer by default. Which printer this will be depends on the location of the system from which you are sending the print request. For instance, if you are on a Linux machine on the second floor, the name of the printer will default to 2ndFloorHP and the output will be found in the HP printer on the north end of the hall. Use the table below to help you determine where to send and pick up your output.


    Printer Location
    Printer Name
    Printer Model
    Library near terminals
    wired and wireless
    HP M605
    Library near terminals
    wired and wireless
    HP CM3530
    Second Floor North Side
    wired and wireless
    HP LaserJet 9040DN
    Third Floor North Side
    wired and wireless
    HP LaserJet 9040DN

    Printing from Mac OS X

    To print from a Mac OS X client: First, ensure you're connected to the MSRI-Members wireless network. 
    1. Open System Preferences (from the apple menu at the top left).
    2. Select Printers and Scanners. 
    3. Click the + symbol to add a new printer, choose one of the available printers.

    Printing a file from a Linux System

    To print from a Linux system you can see which printers are available with:

    lpstat -t

    To print a specific file to a specific printer:

    lpr -P <printer name> <file to print>

    For example:

    lpr -P MSRI-2ndFloorHP Important_paper.pdf 

    Printing a file from a Windows System

    On Windows systems, most printing occurs from within applications. The only information needed is the name of the printer (see the table above). If you have a file in a format for which there is no application available to read it, please contact a member of the computing staff for help.


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