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Wireless Network

As of June 2010, MSRI has a new wireless network. Wireless connections can be made from nearly anywhere in the building. This includes:

  • Chern Hall (Atrium, 2nd and 3rd Floor Offices & Library)
  • Simons Auditorium
  • Berlekamp Garden
  • The patio adjacent to the Commons Room

MSRI's open wireless network's name (ESSID) is msri-guests and the secure wireless name is msri-members. To access, you simply need to choose msri-guests or msri-members from the available networks (some windows users will have to check a box allowing connection with unsecured networks, whereas some systems may connect automatically). The open wireless network does not provide authentication or encryption. Drop by the IT Department to get the password to access the secure wireless network.

Visit the wireless network printer page.

Note: To send e-mail, set your e-mail client's smtp setting to "smtp.msri.org"