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Biology Colloquia

Past Colloquia Lectures

Sydney Brenner

April 9, 2007 (at MSRI): "Drowning in a Sea of Data and Thirsting for Knowledge" Lecture Video

April 9, 2007 (at the Berkeley Rep): "Biology: The Art of the Satisfactory" Lecture Video

April 10, 2007: Forward and Inverse Problems

April 12, 2007: "All Those Genomes" Lecture Video


Mimi Koehl

February 22, 2007: "Sniffing by hairy noses: Odor capture by crustacean antennules in turbulent environments".

February 27, 2007: "Settling down: How do microscopic water-borne larvae of bottom-dwelling marine animals land in the right place?".


Arnold Levine

February 12, 2007: "The Evolution of Influenza Viruses in the 20th and 21st Centuries" Lecture Video

February 13, 2007: "DNA/RNA Sequence Complexity: The Entropy Distribution of Viruses and Bacteria"

February 15, 2007: "The Fruits of the Genome Project: What Genetic Polymorphisms can tell us about Predispositions to Disease and Fecundity." Lecture Video

April 25, 2006: "Interpreting the Sequence Differences in the Human Genomes of Populations" Lecture Video


Garrett Odell

Monday, May 5th, 2008: "How, in Silico, the Sea Urchin Embryo Gets its Furrow in the Right Place" Lecture Video

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008: "For Making Genetic Networks Operate Robustly, Unintelligent Non-Design Suffices" Lecture Video

Wednesday May 7th, 2008: "Why are mindless, individual agent-based computer simulation models less likely to deceive than elegant and thoughtful partial differential equation models of traditional continuum mechanics?" Lecture Video


Alan Perelson

October 22, 2007: "How Mathematics Provides Information about HIV/AIDS"

October 23, 2007: "Modeling Immune Responses: Coping with Diversity Using Shape-Space Formulations"

October 25, 2007: "Mathematical Modeling of Viral Infections of Humans: Influenza and Hepatitis"


Robert Schleif

March 21, 2007: "Information Storage and Retrieval Functions of DNA" Lecture Video

March 23, 2007: "DNA Looping: Its Discovery and Utility in Gene Regulation" Lecture Video

List of Speakers (Spring 2007, Fall & Spring 2008):