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VMath - The Next Generation for Math Lectures

VMath - The Next Generation for Math Lectures on Streaming Video

VMath is MSRI’s video repository of lecture and special event videos that are free to view and download. Video recordings of lectures are updated within days of the event and made available to the public.


To view or download a video using VMath:

1. Click on a Special Production link or semester link to view a specific semester.
2. Once you have opened the Semester page, scroll down to a lecture containing a film icon.
3. Click on the film icon which will bring you to the lecture’s video page.
4. Play/stream the video within the VMath screen and use the controls in the lower bar to view full screen, pause and adjust the sound.
5. Or, scroll down the video page and use the download links to download the Quicktime movie file or the Mp4 video.


Presentation Slides and Notes

The PowerPoint slides and notes that are part of the lecture are usually available within weeks of the presentation. The video will highlight the slides as they are presented but the viewer may wish to view a slide longer than it appears in the video or may want to refer back to a particular slide. If you are viewing a lecture, it is highly recommended that you open the presentation slides in a separate browser window and leave this window open alongside the window which is playing the video so that you can view the slides how you prefer.

To view the slides and notes:

1. Prior to Step 4 above, locate the PDF download link contained in the “Supplements” section (just below the Abstract).
2. Right-click on the note icon (where available) and choose “Open link in new window” which will open the file in a new window.
3. Arrange the two windows on your desktop side-by-side and start viewing the video (step 4 above).

Please expect approximately 1 week from the end of the workshop or seminar for videos to be posted online. DVDs of seminars can be purchased through a link at the bottom of each downloadable video page.

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