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Ways to Give

Gift Acceptance Policies and Guidelines (PDF)


Gifts of Cash
If you choose to make a cash gift and you itemize deductions for tax purposes, you will be entitled to a federal charitable income tax deduction for the entire amount, subject only to your annual giving limits (up to 50% of your annual adjusted gross income) For example, if you give a gift of $1,000, then $1,000 is deductible. If you give a gift of $10,000, then $10,000 is deductible.

Gifts of Securities
It may well be advantageous to you to make your gift to MSRI in appreciated stock instead of cash. By gifting the stock to MSRI (instead of selling it, and contributing the cash) you do not pay capital gains tax on its appreciation.

Gifts of Real Estate
Gifts of real estate hold enormous promise for the future of MSRI. You can make a gift of real estate to MSRI and receive substantial financial benefits.

Planned Gifts
You may want to make a substantial gift to the Institute in the form of appreciated securities or cash, but perhaps you are hesitant to give up the steady income which you are receiving. If so, you may choose to consider participating in one of our life income plans.

For some donors a bequest - a gift made through a will or Living Trust - is the most realistic way of making a substantial contribution to MSRI. We invite you to consider MSRI in your estate plans. Your bequest may enable you to make a substantial gift to the Institute, and it may be used for a purpose of special interest to you.