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Museion Dinner Lecture Series

Museion is named for the institute at Ancient Alexandria, and a place of study for Archimedes, Eratosthenes, and Euclid.

Archimedes Society members who make annual unrestricted contributions of $5,041 or more to MSRI are invited to Museion for the year in which the gift is made. Through their support and involvement, Archimedes Society members become partners in the advancement of research and scholarship at the highest level, while providing an important link to the community for MSRI. At Museion, an elegant dinner complements talks by world-acclaimed experts in the mathematical sciences. Archimedes Society members have a unique opportunity to get to know the speakers during the after-talk discussions.

West Coast Museion dinner / lectures are convened by William R. Hearst, III. Museion is planned for the spring and fall. Previous Museions have featured Sir Michael Atiyah speaking on "The Mysteries of Spin" and Stanford University mathematician Persi Diaconis. East Coast events are hosted by Dr. & Mrs. James H. Simons in New York City, which have featured Nobel laureate Myron Scholes on "Liquidity and Risk Management." Your generosity at the $5,041 or above annual membership level demonstrates the leadership necessary for MSRI to continue its extraordinary influence on mathematics.

If you would like to join the Archimedes Society and /or attend Museion, please contact the Director of Development, 510-642-0771, or visit this page.