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Corporate Benefits

Corporate Partners are companies that make use of the results of mathematical research and understand the importance of math education. In supporting MSRI they are investing in their own future by helping expand and strengthen the bridges between mathematics and its commercial applications. They recognize that the insight gained from current research will help their businesses grow and thrive well into the future.

Members of the Corporate Partners program enjoy a variety of benefits and program sponsorship opportunities, some of which are listed below. For more information contact Nancy Stryble, Director of Corporate Relations, at 510-642-0771 or nancys@msri.org.

Corporate Partners Benefits

PARTNER - $50,000 and above

  • Specially tailored programs that provide the highest level of interaction with the MSRI scientific staff, including joint postdoctoral fellowships and visiting resident professors
  • The opportunity to be a named sponsor of a MSRI outreach program with associated benefits
  • All of the benefits listed below

SPONSOR- $40,000 and above

  • Invitations to special Corporate Partners workshops and MSRI events
  • Opportunity to participate in the formulation of Corporate Partners workshop topics
  • Opportunity to send a researcher to each of MSRI’s Summer Graduate programs
  • Invitation for four people to each of MSRI’s workshops
  • Facilitation of colloquia speakers at Corporate Partners sites
  • All of the benefits listed below

ASSOCIATE - $20,000 and above

  • Invitation to Sponsors Day banquet with Board of Trustees
  • Invitation for two people to each of MSRI’s workshops
  • Reduced registration fee for MSRI sponsored conferences
  • All of the benefits listed below

SUPPORTER - $10,000 and above

  • Reserved seating at Archimedes Society events
  • Invitation for one person to each of MSRI’s workshops
  • All of the benefits listed below

MEMBER - $5,000 and above

  • Invitation to Archimedes Society events
  • Listing on the corporate sponsor page of the MSRI web site and in MSRI’s Emissary newsletter
  • Opportunity to publish on the MSRI web site information about how mathematics is used in their company