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Cycle Servers

Occasionally, members may need access to resources that extend beyond the normal capabilities of their desktop systems. When this happens, we ask that members execute these jobs on one of our cycle servers.

These systems are accessible via ssh from any computer or laptop within the MSRI domain. Cycle servers have access to all of the same math software and Linux utilities standard on any of our desktop systems. Please note:  Our operating systems currently support 64-bit and 32-bit instructions.

The table below lists all available servers and resource configurations.

Please contact a computing staff member if you have further questions or need help in using these systems.

Server Name
CPU Speed
Disk Space
No. of Processors
No. of cores
Intel Xeon x5355 - 2.66 GHz
10 GBytes
Intel Xeon x3360 - 2.83 GHz
3 GBytes


* Data should be stored in members home directories, but members may temporarily create their own directory locally in the /usr/local/members/ directory so that the server need not continuously access files through the network. There currently is no limit on the amount of disk space that a member can use. We do, however, ask that if space requirements exceed 100 MB that you first consult with a member of the computing staff.