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Configuring E-mail Clients to use IMAP Mailboxes.

The following links contain instructions to configure your e-mail client.

Your e-mail is also always accessible via the internet at https://webmail.msri.org. You must have cookies and SSL enabled on your web browser to log in.

Forwarding your MSRI e-mail to an external account

You can set up your MSRI e-mail account to forward to another e-mail account.

Spam filtering

Your MSRI e-mail account is being filtered by SpamAssassin.

Learn more about MSRI's SpamAssassin setup and how you can use it to help clean your Inbox here.

A note about e-mail and account passwords

Passwords for your computer accounts and e-mail accounts are currently held on two different systems [at the moment] that get synchronized every hour. This means that if you changed your password on your computer with "yppasswd", this change will not propagate to your e-mail account for at most one half-hour.