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  1. Begin pine as usual.
  2. Go to Setup at the "MAIN MENU" screen.
  3. Hit "C" to enter the configuration menu
  4. Once in the configuration setup, go down to the "inbox-path" line. Press enter to change the value to:
  5. Press "E" to exit the configuration setup, saying "Yes" to commit the changes.
  6. You will be taken back to the Main Menu. Where you normally accessed your INBOX, you can now access your new inbox on the IMAP server. You can now change pine's Folder Lists to include your IMAP folders.
  7. Go to the Setup screen again, then hit "L" to edit your collectionLists.
  8. Add a new collection by pressing "A".
  9. Enter the nickname you would like to use under "Nickname", perhaps "IMAP Folders".
  10. Enter the value:
    webmail.msri.org/ssl/user=your-username under "Server"
  11. Leave "Path" and "View" blank.
  12. Hit Control-x to save your new collection. It will now show up under "Folder List" at the Main Menu.