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Mozilla Thunderbird

These instructions were created using Thunderbird version 1.5.0.

Open Thunderbird and go to:

  1. Tools, Account Settings.
  2. Click the "Add Account" button.
  3. Choose "Email account" and click "Next".
  4. Enter your name and email address.
  5. Select "IMAP" and enter webmail.msri.org as the incoming server name as well as outgoing server name. If you already have an SMTP server set up, you may see "Your existing outgoing server (SMTP), "your.mail.server", will be used. You can modify outgoing server settings by choosing Account Settings from the Tools menu." and will not be able to put in webmail.msri.org as outgoing server at this time. Click "Next".
  6. Enter your MSRI username in the "Incoming User Name" field, then click Next.
  7. You can give the account a more recognizable name, or accept the default, then click "Next". (This can be modified later.)
  8. Click Finish to return to the "Account Settings" menu.
  9. Click on "Server Settings" under your new account name.
  10. In the "Security Settings" box, select "SSL". This should change the port from 143 to 993. Leave the "Use secure authentication" box unchecked.
  11. Then, click on "Outgoing Server (SMTP)" in the list of accounts. There should be at least one server listed. If you have one listed as "webmail.msri.org", select it and click Edit. If not, click the Add button, and enter in webmail.msri.org into the "Server Name" field.
  12. In the "Security and Authentication" box, check the "Use name and password" box and put in your msri username in the "User Name" box.
  13. Finally, select "SSL" under "Use secure connection". This will change the port from 25 to 465.
  14. Click "OK" to save the changes and close the Account Settings menu.