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These instructions were created using Evolution version 2.0.4

Open Evolution and go to:

  1. Tools menu in the top left-hand side, then Settings.
  2. Click the "Mail Accounts" icon in the left column to access the Mail Account settings.
  3. Click the "+Add" button. A new Evolution Account Assistant window will open. Click "Forward".
  4. Enter your Full Name, Email Address, and optional Reply-To and Organization information, then click "Forward".
  5. Now you should be at "Receiving Email" settings. Select "IMAP" for Server Type, and enter the following configuration:
    • Host: webmail.msri.org
    • Username: your-username
    • Use Secure Connection (SSL): Always
    • Authentication Type: Password
    Then click "Forward"
  6. Receiving preferences are next; alter these to your preference and click "Forward.
  7. At the "Sending Email" settings page, use the following configuration:
    • Server Type:SMTP
    • Host: webmail.msri.org:465
    • Check the "Server requires authentication" checkbox
    • Use Secure Connection (SSL): Always
    • Authentication Type: PLAIN [this can be changed; you can check for our supported types with the "Check for Supported Types" button]
    • Username: your-username
    Then click "Forward"
  8. You can give the account a more recognizable name, or accept the default, then click "Forward". (This can be modified later.)
  9. Click "Apply" to return to the "Evolution Settings" window.