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Current Programmatic Workshops

  1. Connections for Women: Geometric Representation Theory

    Organizers: LEAD Monica Vazirani (University of California, Davis), Eva Viehmann (TU M√ľnchen)

    Within the broad range of geometric representation theory the Connections Workshop will focus on three research topics in which we expect particularly striking new developments within the next few years:
    * Categorical and geometric structures in representation theory and Lie superalgebras
    * Geometric construction of representations via Shimura varieties and related moduli spaces
    * Hall algebras and representations

    The workshop will bring together researchers from these different topics within geometric representation theory and will thus facilitate a successful start of the semester program. It will give junior researchers from each of these parts of geometric representation theory a broader picture of possible applications and of new developments, and will establish a closer contact between junior and senior researchers.
    This workshop is aimed at encouraging and increasing the active participation of women and members of under-represented groups in the MSRI program. 

    All are welcome to participate in the scientific portions of the workshop and the panel discussion, regardless of gender.

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