The Taj Mahal

I broke down and bought a digital camera in November 2001. This page is the result.

The first photos I took were on a trip to Cambridge Mass, ending up with a family Thanksgiving, in November 2001.

I had a marvelously interesting visit to India (my first time) in December 2001. Here are some groups of photos from various places there:



Mumbai and Aurangabad

The Taj Mahal and Agra

Last shots of Agra and Mumbai

The photos above were taken with an Olympus D40 4-megapixel digital camera, and were transferred to the web using a script in Photoshop 5.5.

A few souvenirs:

Some pictures of me singing with Mark Green in a basement in Naples, at a concert with Martha Wasley and Louis Rowen at MSRI, and with the Coro d'Amici at MSRI.

When I went to visit Chern and take part in a conference honoring Chow and Chen in Tianjin in the Fall of 2000, Chern was able to arrange an audience with President Jiang Zhemin and other Chinese luminaries for some of those attending the conference. Here is a Group picture.

Now that I'm a grandfather, a lot of the photos I take are of my grandson, Shannon. Here's a group from his sixth and seventh months (with a few extras on the set.) Modified Feb 17, 2004

Occasional photos:

Stinson and Steep Ravine with Koll'ar + Mihalkin Feb 04

Mt. Diablo March 22-23, 2004 with Monika, Hugo, Dave, Laurie, Roger

Anza-Borrego with Monika, Joe and Danalee

Hike in Briones Park with MSRI visitors, January 26, 2009