Recent Publications

Robert Osserman

An estimate for the Gauss curvature of minimal surfaces in Rm whose Gauss map omits a set of hyperplanes (with Min Ru), Journal of Differential Geometry 46 (1997), pp. 578-593. (dvi file)
From Schwarz to Pick to Ahlfors and Beyond, Notices of the American Mathematical Society 46 (1999), pp. 868-873. (dvi file)
A new variant of the Schwarz-Pick-Ahlfors Lemma, manuscripta mathematica 100 (1999), pp. 123-129. (dvi file)
A sharp Schwarz inequality on the boundary, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 128 (2000), pp. 3513-3517. (dvi file)
Kepler's Laws, Newton's Laws, and the Search for New Planets, American Mathematical Monthly 108 (2001), pp. 813-820. (pdf file)
Mathematical Mapping from Mercator to the Millennium, in Mathematical Adventures for Students and Amateurs (2004),pp. 237-257
Mathematics of the Heavens, in Notices of the American Mathematical Society 52 (2005), pp. 417-424. (pdf file)
Mathematics Takes Center Stage, in Mathematics and Culture II, edited by Michele Emmer, Springer-Verlag 2005, pp. 157-164.
The Invisible Heart, English translation of Le Coeur Invisible, in Les dix ans du Pommier, Éditions Le Pommier, Paris 2009, pp.33-34.
Mathematics of the Gateway Arch, Notices Amer. Math. Soc. 57 (2010) pp. 220-229
How the Gateway Arch got its Shape, Nexus Network Journal: Architecture and Mathematics 12 (2010) pp. 167-189.