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Personal Profile of Dr. Michèle Artigue


Michèle Artigue was born and raised in the Pyrineas, in the South of France. She is married, has two children and two grand-children, and has a particular love for her Pyrineas mountains, where she regularly bikes and hikes wih her family and friends.

After her academic studies at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, she was recruited at the Mathematics Department of the University Paris 7 and got a PhD in mathematical logics in 1972. Progressively, she entered the field of mathematics education, thanks to her involvement in the activities of research, innovation and teacher professional development at the Institute of Research in Mathematics Education (IREM), established in 1969 at the University Paris 7. With two other colleagues, she was first in charge of organizing mathematics education in an experimental elementary school for several years and then involved in an experimental course for undergraduate students jointly with physicists, from which emerged her interest for the didactics of Calculus and Analysis. In 1991, Michèle moved to the newly created IUFM (University Institute for Teacher Education) in Reims, where she became full professor, in charge of the maths department and involved in the pre-service preparation of secondary mathematics teachers and maths and physics teachers for vocational education. In 1999, she came back to the maths department of the University Paris 7, taking the direction of the IREM and then the direction of the Master program, “Didactique des disciplines,” and of the Doctorate School, “Savoirs scientifiques : épistémologie, histoire des sciences, didactique des disciplines.” Since September 2010, she is Emeritus Professor at this university. Beyond theoretical contributions on the relationships between epistemology and didactics, didactical engineering, the reproducibility of didactic situations, the instrumental approach, and more recently the networking of theoretical frames, her main research areas in mathematics education have been the teaching and learning of mathematics at the university level, especially the didactics of Calculus and Analysis and the integration of computer technologies into mathematics education. Michèle has had and still has many editorial and scientific responsibilities. After being Vice-President of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI) from 1998 to 2006, she became its President in 2007 and, since January 2010, is ex-officio member of the ICMI Executive Committee as the past-President.

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Educational Advisory Committee May 15, 2003 Mar 01, 2008
Educational Advisory Committee Mar 01, 2008 Mar 01, 2015
  1. Workshop Assessing Students’ Mathematics Learning: Issues, Costs and Benefits

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    Mar 09, 2004
    09:25 AM - 10:40 AM
      Specific Instruments and Approaches for Assessing Mathematical Proficiency.
    Michèle Artigue (Université de Paris VII (Denis Diderot) et Université de Paris VI (Pierre et Marie Curie)), Richard Askey, Hugh Burkhardt (University of Nottingham), Jan de Lange, Linda Fisher, David Foster, Bernard Madison, Ann Shannon (UC Berkeley )