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Personal Profile of Prof. Dr. Bruno Frederic Campana

Prof. Dr. Bruno Frederic Campana
Born december, 12, 1952. Married, 2 children Student of the Ecole Normale Sup\'erieure (Ulm), 1972-1977. PhD 1975 (D. Barlet advisor) Assistant Professor, University of Nancy (1977-1982). Th\`ese d'Etat 1980 (Nancy). Professor at the University of Nancy 1, since. Stays (University of Notre-Dame, USA, Associate Professor (1986-87); University of Bayreuth as DFG fellow, (1989-90); Tokyo university (March-May 1993, supported by the JSPS, on the invitation of Y. Kawamata); 1 month stays at various universities: Bochum, Bayreuth, Kaiserslautern (FRG), Pisa (Scuola Normale Superiore), Shangai, Singapore, Berkeley (MSRI), Baltimore, Columbia (Missouri)) Member of the editorial boards of the journals: Complex Manifolds, Epiga. Member of the `Institut Universitaire de France' (2011-2016) KIAS scholar (2015-2018) Prizes of the French Academie of Sciences: `Petit Dormoy' (1995), `Jaff\'e' (2008).