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Shandy Hauk
Senior Researcher
STEM Program
Currently a Senior Research Associate, WestEd, Hauk holds a BA in theater and film, a doctorate in mathematics, and completed an NSF post-doc in mathematics education. Specializing in video-rich mixed-methods research in K-20 mathematics and science education, she leads research teams for three national projects. She has dozens of publications and presentations on interculturally attentive teaching and learning of mathematics and science. A tenured university faculty member, Hauk has taught myriad undergraduate and graduate mathematics and mathematics education courses. Before pursing a PhD, she taught mathematics and English/language arts at socio-economically and ethnically diverse high schools and middle schools.
  1. Workshop Critical Issues in Mathematics Education 2019: Mathematical Modeling in K-16: Community and Cultural Contexts

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    Mar 08, 2019
    02:30 PM - 03:15 PM
      Panel 7: How can organizations and CIME participants work together?
    Diane Briars (Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences), Aurora Graf (Educational Testing Service), Shandy Hauk (WestEd), Leslie Nabors Olah (Educational Testing Service), Mike Steele (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)