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Shandy Hauk
Senior Researcher
STEM Program
Currently a Senior Research Associate, WestEd, Hauk holds a BA in theater and film, a doctorate in mathematics, and completed an NSF post-doc in mathematics education. Specializing in video-rich mixed-methods research in K-20 mathematics and science education, she leads research teams for three national projects. She has dozens of publications and presentations on interculturally attentive teaching and learning of mathematics and science. A tenured university faculty member, Hauk has taught myriad undergraduate and graduate mathematics and mathematics education courses. Before pursing a PhD, she taught mathematics and English/language arts at socio-economically and ethnically diverse high schools and middle schools.
  1. Workshop Critical Issues in Mathematics Education 2019: Mathematical Modeling in K-16: Community and Cultural Context

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    Mar 08, 2019
    02:30 PM - 03:15 PM
      Panel 7: How can organizations and CIME participants work together?
    Aurora Graf (Educational Testing Service), Shandy Hauk (WestEd), Leslie Nabors Olah (Educational Testing Service), Mike Steele (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)