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Personal Profile of Dr. Tian Zheng

Tian Zheng is currently Professor and Department Chair of Statistics at Columbia University. She obtained her Ph.D. from Columbia in 2002. In her research, she develops novel methods for exploring and understanding patterns in complex data from different application domains such as biology, psychology, climatology, and etc. Her current projects are in the fields of statistical machine learning, spatiotemporal modeling, and social network analysis, collaborating with ecologists and earth scientists. Professor Zheng’s research has been recognized by the 2008 Outstanding Statistical Application Award from the American Statistical Association (ASA), the Mitchell Prize from ISBA, and a Google research award. She became a Fellow of the American Statistical Association in 2014. From 2017-2020, she was associate director for education of Columbia Data Science Institute. Professor Zheng is the receipt of the 2017 Columbia’s Presidential Award for Outstanding Teaching. In 2021, she was recognized by a Lenfest Distinguished Columbia Faculty Award that recognizes the excellence of faculty as teachers and mentors of both undergraduate and graduate students.
  1. Workshop [Virtual] Hot Topics: Foundations of Stable, Generalizable and Transferable Statistical Learning

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    Mar 10, 2022
    08:00 AM - 08:25 AM
      Veridical Network Embedding
    Tian Zheng (Columbia University)