Welcome to my site - a quick introduction to Brandy S. Wiegers, Ph.D.
I am involved in many projects across the Bay and greater US Area including serving as: Previous to my work in the Bay area I completed an Applied Mathematics Ph.D. at University of California, Davis. Prior to Davis I attended The University of Idaho and Bishop Kelly High School . At UI I studied Biological Systems Engineering and Mathematics and also got an honors certificate.

When I'm not working I sometimes have time to play on webpages and find lots of funsites. I find doing things like this and being involved in community activities is where I've learned some of my most valuable life lessons. I encourage everyone to try to get involved with their community and try new experiences, like sushi, ballroom dancing, or travel because these are the memories which will last a lifetime including...

Why Feet?

I often travel on my adventures with the only camera in the group, so I often return with no pictures of myself. I have decided that I would like to have proof that I was there so I take a quick picture of my feet. So what do I look like? CLICK HERE to FIND OUT!