MSRI Assessment Conference Schedule-at-a-Glance, Revised 3/1/04 19:00

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Sunday, March 7:  Introduction to conference themes and goals
1:30-2:00 Opening session A Private Universe (54-sec. clip)Welcome, overview and purposes of workshop David Eisenbud,
   MSRI Director
Deborah Ball
2:00-4:00 Session 1: Plenary panel

Moderator:  Deborah Ball


Crucial contemporary social, political, and cultural issues in mathematics assessment in the U.S.

Robert Moses
Judith Ramaley
Alan Schoenfeld
Susan Sclafani

   Tim Boerst
   Jim Lewis

4:00-4:30 Tea  


4:30-6:00 Session 2:  Whole group workshop

Moderator:  Hyman Bass

What is mathematical proficiency? Multiple perspectives

Videotapes of UM students being interviewed: (1) pre-K student counting; (2) proof (individually); (3) class discussion involving proof

Hyman Bass
Jim Milgram
Alan Schoenfeld
6:00-6:30 Session 3:  Overview of interview session for Monday morning Discuss purposes
Review interview protocol draft, solicit suggestions for changes
Deborah Ball
Roger Howe
6:30-8:00 Buffet dinner at MSRI  


8:00-9:00 Session 4:  Evening speaker

Moderator:  David Eisenbud

Talk:  Mathematics and Science Education: Parallel National Challenges Bruce Alberts


Monday, March 8:  What is important to measure?
8:00-8:30 Coffee/Pastries  


8:30-8:45 Overview of day #2 Deborah Ball and Alan Schoenfeld


8:45-10:00 Session 5: Plenary activity

Moderator:  Deborah Ball

Live interview session (with sixth grade student) Deborah Ball
10:00-10:30 Tea  


10:30-12:15 Session 6: Small group discussions and plenary discussion

6a: Small group breakouts, with moderators

6b Plenary discussion

Moderator: Deborah Ball

Discuss and analyze the interview with student; report back in plenary; commentators Tim Boerst
Roger Howe

12:15-1:30 Lunch (at MSRI)  


1:30-3:30 Session 7: Plenary panel

Moderator: Alan Schoenfeld 

What mathematical proficiency is important to measure? (content, skills, and practices, broadly defined) Dick Askey
Hugh Burkhardt
Linda Fisher
Jan de Lange
Bernie Madison
3:30-4:00 Tea  


4:00-5:30 Session 8:  Assessment in algebra

Moderator:  Hyman Bass

Investigation of alternative approaches to assessment of different aspects of proficiency in algebra Heidi Boley
David Foster
William McCallum
Mark Saul
Ann Shannon
Hung-Hsi Wu
5:30-5:45 Reflections on day, comment cards  


  Dinner on own  



Tuesday, March 9:  How can mathematical proficiency be measured:  Approaches and challenges to good assessment

8:00-8:30 Coffee/Pastries  


8:30-8:35 Overview of day #3

Deborah Ball and Alan Schoenfeld


8:35-9:20 Session 9: Plenary presentation

Moderator: Alan Schoenfeld

The New York State Regents examination: An analysis and response Alan Tucker
Finbarr Sloane (discussant)
9:25-10:40 Session 10:  Plenary panel

Moderator:  Deborah Ball

Specific instruments and approaches for assessing mathematical proficiency:  Plenary panel of workshop leaders

1.  Michèle Artigue
2.  Dick Askey
3.  Hugh Burkhardt
4.  Linda Fisher, David Foster
5.  Jan de Lange
6.  Bernie Madison
7.  Ann Shannon

10:40-11:10 Tea  


11:10-11:55 Session 10a:

Small group workshops (7) (first session)

Explorations of specific tools or instruments
What does each tap well?  What does it miss?

   Uses or modes of implementation

1.  Michèle Artigue
2.  Dick Askey
3.  Hugh Burkhardt
4.  Linda Fisher, David Foster
5.  Jan de Lange
6.  Bernie Madison
7.  Ann Shannon

12:00-1:15 Session 11:  Lunch (at MSRI)

Moderator: Deborah Ball

Talk: Observations midway in the conference (12:40-1:10)


Lee Shulman

1:15-2:05 Session 10b

Small group workshops (7) (second session)

Repeat of Session 10a

1.  Michèle Artigue
2.  Dick Askey
3.  Hugh Burkhardt
4.  Linda Fisher, David Foster
5.  Jan de Lange
6.  Bernie Madison
7.  Ann Shannon

2:05-3:45 Session 12:  Plenary panel

Moderator: Alan Schoenfeld

Issues of reliability and validity at any scale, or with any type of assessment Ross Green
Betsy Taleporos
Mark Wilson


3:45-4:15 Tea  


4:15-5:45 Session 13: Plenary panel followed by small group discussion

Moderator:  Alan Schoenfeld

Challenges of making assessments equitable and fair:  Issues of culture, language, context and experience

Phil Daro
Lily Wong Fillmore
Judit Moschkovich

5:45-6:00 Reflections on day, comment cards  


  Dinner on own  



Wednesday, March 10:  Using assessment information to improve instruction
8:00-8:30 Coffee/Pastries    
8:30-8:45 Overview of day #4 Hyman Bass


8:45-10:15 Session 14:  Plenary panel

Moderator:  Jim Lewis

How can large-scale state assessment programs affect educational programs?

Heidi Boley
Michael Cohen
Elizabeth Stage
Betsy Taleporos
Uri Treisman

10:15-10:45 Tea  


10:45-12:15 Session 15: Plenary panel

Moderators:  Hugo Rossi and Bob Megginson

Closing session:  Perspectives on the workshop and next steps in an agenda related to assessment

Michèle Artigue
Heidi Boley
Bill McCallum
Robert Moses
Elizabeth Stage

12:15-1:30 Lunch (optional)

Official conference end: 12 noon.




Wednesday, March 10:  Special Post-Workshop Session
1:30-3:30 Special Post-Workshop Session Children Left Behind: New Curricula, Large Scale Assessment and the Algebra Project Robert Moses and colleagues from The Algebra Project, Inc.:
   Gary Benenson
   Greg Budzban
   Marian Currell
   Frank Davis
   Ben Moynihan
   Peggy Quinn
   Denina Porter
   Alan Shaw
   Mary Maxwell West

Speakers and Moderators

Bruce Alberts, President, National Academy of Sciences (Session 4)

Michèle Artigue, Professor, Université de Paris VII (Sessions 10, 10a, 10b, 15)

Richard Askey, Professor of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin (Sessions 7, 10, 10a, 10b)

Deborah Loewenberg Ball, Professor, University of Michigan (Opening session, Overviews of days #2 and 3, Sessions 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 11)

Hyman Bass, Professor, University of Michigan (Overview of day #4, Sessions 2, 8)

Timothy A. Boerst, South Redford Public Schools, Michigan; Center for Proficiency in Teaching Mathematics, University of Michigan (Sessions 1, 6)

Heidi Boley, Berkeley Unified School District (Sessions 8, 14, 15)

Hugh Burkhardt, Mathematics Assessment Resource Service, University of Nottingham (Sessions 7, 10, 10a, 10b)

Michael Cohen, Director, ACHIEVE (Session 14)

Phil Daro, Tools Project, University of California, Berkeley (Session 13)

David Eisenbud, Director, MSRI (Opening session, Session 4)

Lily Wong Fillmore, Professor, University of California at Berkeley (Session 13)

Linda Fisher, Director, Mathematics Assessment Collaborative (Sessions 7, 10, 10a, 10b)

David Foster, Program Director of Mathematics, Noyce Foundation (Sessions 8, 10, 10a, 10b)

Ross Green, CTB McGraw Hill (Session 12)

Roger Howe, Yale University (Sessions 3, 6)

Jan de Lange, Director, Freudenthal Institute, University of Utrecht (Session 7) (Sessions 10, 10a, 10b)

Jim Lewis, Professor of Mathematics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Sessions 1, 14)

Bernie Madison, Professor, University of Arkansas (Sessions 7, 10, 10a, 10b)

William McCallum, Professor of Mathematics, University of Arizona (Sessions 8, 15)

Bob Megginson, Deputy Director, MSRI (Session 15)

Jim Milgram, Professor of Mathematics, Stanford University (Session 2)

Judit Moschkovich, Professor, University of California at Santa Cruz (Session 13)

Robert Moses, Founder and President, the Algebra Project, Inc. (Sessions 1, 15, Special post-conference Session)

Judith Ramaley, Assistant Director, Education and Human Resources Directorate, National Science Foundation (Session 1)

Hugo Rossi, Deputy Director, MSRI (Session 15)

Mark Saul, Program Manager, Division of Elementary, Secondary, and Informal Education, National Science Foundation

Alan H. Schoenfeld, Professor, University of California at Berkeley (Overviews of days #2 and #3, Sessions 1, 2, 7, 9, 12, 13)

Susan Sclafani, Acting Assistant Secretary, Office of Vocational and Adult Education, Department of Education (Session 1)

Ann Shannon, Consultant, Oakland, CA (Sessions 8, 10, 10a, 10b)

Lee Shulman, President, The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (Session 11)

Finbarr C. Sloane, Program Director, Directorate for Education & Human Resources, Division of Research, Evaluation & Communication, National Science Foundation (Session 9)

Elizabeth Stage, Director, Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley, California (Sessions 14, 15)

Betsy Taleporos, Senior Director of English Language Arts Testing Services, Harcourt Assessment, Inc., San Antonio, TX (Sessions 12, 14)

Uri Treisman, Professor of Mathematics, University of Texas–Austin, Director, C. A. Dana Center (Session 14)

Alan Tucker, Professor of Mathematics, State University of New York at Stony Brook (Session 9)

Mark Wilson, Professor, University of Chicago (Session 12)

Hung-Hsi Wu, Professor of Mathematics, University of California at Berkeley (Session 8)