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1995 MSRI Preprints

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A User's Guide to the Mapping Class Group: Once Punctured Surfaces

Lee Mosher

MSRI Preprint #1995-001

Explicit Formulas for the Waldspurger and Bessel Models

Daniel Bump, Solomon Friedberg, and Masaaki Furusawa

MSRI Preprint #1995-002

Forced Lattice Vibrations -- A Videotext

Percy Deift, Thomas Kriecherbauer and Stephanos Venakides

MSRI Preprint #1995-003

Note: This is the textbook part of this work. The video with accompanying printed guide can be ordered from MSRI.

A Comparison of Continuously Controlled and Controlled K-theory

Douglas R. Anderson, Francis X. Connolly, and Hans J. Munkholm

MSRI Preprint #1995-004

One can't hear orientability of surfaces

Pierre Bérard and David L. Webb

MSRI Preprint #1995-005

Graph-Based Logic and Sketches 1: The General Framework

Atish Bagchi and Charles Wells

MSRI Preprint #1995-006

The Structure and Enumeration of Link Projections

Martin Bridgeman

MSRI Preprint #1995-007

The Dimension of the Space of Cusp Forms of Weight One

William Duke

MSRI Preprint #1995-008

On Calculations of Zeros of Various L-functions

Hiroyuki Yoshida

MSRI Preprint #1995-009

R-groups and elliptic representations for similitude groups

David Goldberg

MSRI Preprint #1995-010

Rational maps whose Fatou components are Jordan domains

Kevin Pilgrim

MSRI Preprint #1995-011

Conformal Characters and Theta Series

Wolgang Eholzer and Nils-Peter Skoruppa

MSRI Preprint #1995-012

Tiling a rectangle with the fewest squares

Richard Kenyon

MSRI Preprint #1995-013

A note on tiling with integer-sided rectangles

Richard Kenyon

MSRI Preprint #1995-014

Eigenfunctions on the Finite Poincaré Plane

Jinghua Kuang

MSRI Preprint #1995-015

Matrix Vieta Theorem

Dmitry Fuchs and Albert Schwarz

MSRI Preprint #1995-016

Mean Values of the Logarithmic Derivative of the zeta Function and the GUE Hypothesis

David W. Farmer

MSRI Preprint #1995-017

Lifting orthogonal representations to spin groups and local root numbers

Dipendra Prasad and Dinakar Ramakrishnan

MSRI Preprint #1995-018

The Fundamental Lemma for the Shalika Subgroup of GL(4)

Solomon Friedberg and Hervé Jacquet

MSRI Preprint #1995-019

Approximation of analytic functions with prescribed boundary conditions by circle packing maps

Tomasz Dubejko

MSRI Preprint #1995-020

On the Asymptotic Behavior of Counting Functions Associated to Degenerating Hyperbolic Riemann Surfaces

Jonathan Huntley, Jay Jorgenson and Rolf Lundelius

MSRI Preprint #1995-021

Log Sarkisov Program

Andrea Bruno and Kenji Matsuki

MSRI Preprint #1995-022

A New Construction of Isospectral Riemannian Nilmanifolds with Examples

Ruth Gornet

MSRI Preprint #1995-023

On Quasiconvex Subgroups of Negatively Curved Groups

Rita Gitik

MSRI Preprint #1995-024

An extension of Hecke's converse theorem

J. B. Conrey and David W. Farmer

MSRI Preprint #1995-025

Dynamics of quadratic polynomials, I: Combinatorics and geometry of the Yoccoz puzzle.

Mikhail Lyubich

MSRI Preprint #1995-026

Heights of Subgroups

Rita Gitik and Eliyahu Rips

MSRI Preprint #1995-027

Geometric Zeta Functions, $L^2$-Theory, and Compact Shimura Manifolds

Anton Deitmar

MSRI Preprint #1995-028

Existence of Orbifolds IV: Examples

Paul Feit

MSRI Preprint #1995-029

Generalized Kummer congruences and $p$-adic families of motives

Alexei A. Panchishkin

MSRI Preprint #1995-030

Nielsen generating sets and quasiconvexity of subgroups

Rita Gitik

MSRI Preprint #1995-031

Galois representations and modular forms

Kenneth A. Ribet

MSRI Preprint #1995-032

Geodesic conjugacy in two-step nilmanifolds

Carolyn Gordon and Yiping Mao

MSRI Preprint #1995-033

Dynamics of quadratic polynomials: Complex bounds for real maps

Mikhail Lyubich and Michael Yampolsky

MSRI Preprint #1995-034

On the search of genuine $p$-adic modular $L$-functions for GL($n$)

Haruzo Hida

MSRI Preprint #1995-035

Filling-invariants at infinity for manifolds of nonpositive curvature

Noel Brady and Benson Farb

MSRI Preprint #1995-036

Arithmeticity, Discreteness and Volume

F. W. Gehring, C. Maclachlan, G. J. Martin, A. W. Reid

MSRI Preprint #1995-037

On the Margulis Constant for Kleinian Groups, I

F. W. Gehring and G. J. Martin

MSRI Preprint #1995-038

Commuting polynomials and polynomials with same Julia set

Pau Atela and Jun Hu

MSRI Preprint #1995-039

Recurrent random walks, Liouville's theorem, and circle packings

Tomasz Dubejko

MSRI Preprint #1995-040

Lectures on the Arthur--Selberg Trace Formula

Steve Gelbart

MSRI Preprint #1995-041

Totally Disconnected Julia Sets

Peter Makienko

MSRI Preprint #1995-042

Homeomorphisms between Limbs of the Mandelbrot Set

Bodil Branner and Núria Fagella

MSRI Preprint #1995-043

The second bounded cohomology of a group with infinitely many ends

Koji Fujiwara

MSRI Preprint #1995-044

Survey of Spectra of Laplacians on Finite Symmetric Spaces

Audrey Terras

MSRI Preprint #1995-045

Exceptional Theta-correspondences I

Kay Magaard and Gordan Savin

MSRI Preprint #1995-046

The Construction of Self-Similar Tilings

Richard Kenyon

MSRI Preprint #1995-047

Graphs and Separability Properties of Groups

Rita Gitik

MSRI Preprint #1995-048

Bounds on Volume Increase under Dehn Drilling Operations

Martin Bridgeman

MSRI Preprint #1995-049

On the Mumford-Tate Conjecture for Abelian Varieties with Reducti on Conditions

Alex Lesin

MSRI Preprint #1995-050

An embedding of C in C^2 with hyperbolic complement

Gregery T. Buzzard and John Erik Fornæss

MSRI Preprint #1995-051

Compositional roots of Hénon maps

Gregery T. Buzzard and John Erik Fornæss

MSRI Preprint #1995-052

Widths of Subgroups

Rita Gitik and Mahan Mitra and Eliyahu Rips and Michah Sageev

MSRI Preprint #1995-053

Circle Packings in the Unit Disc

Tomasz Dubejko

MSRI Preprint #1995-054

A presentation for the image of Burau(4) tensor Z_2

Daryl Cooper and D. Darren Long

MSRI Preprint #1995-055

Quasigeodesic Flows in Hyperbolic Three-Manifolds

Sérgio Fenley and Lee Mosher

MSRI Preprint #1995-056

Torsion in Rank-1 Drinfeld Modules and the Uniform Boundedness Conjecture

Bjorn Poonen

MSRI Preprint #1995-057

On the central critical value of the triple product L-function

Siegfried Böcherer and Rainer Schulze-Pillot

MSRI Preprint #1995-058

On the equation $a^p + 2^alpha b^p + c^p =0$

Kenneth Ribet

MSRI Preprint #1995-059

The Number of Intersection Points Made by the Diagonals of a Regular Polygon

Bjorn Poonen and Michael Rubinstein

MSRI Preprint #1995-060

Fractional Power Series and Pairings on Drinfeld Modules

Bjorn Poonen

MSRI Preprint #1995-061

Cycles of Quadratic Polynomials and Rational Points on a Genus-Two Curve

E. V. Flynn, Bjorn Poonen, Edward F. Schaefer

MSRI Preprint #1995-062

Local connectivity of the Mandelbrot set at certain infinitely renormalizable points

Yunping Jiang

MSRI Preprint #1995-063

Complete Embedded Minimal Surfaces of Finite Total Curvature

David Hoffman and Hermann Karcher

MSRI Preprint #1995-064

Projective structures with discrete holonomy representations

Hiroshige Shiga and Harumi Tanigawa

MSRI Preprint #1995-065

Random walks of circle packings

Tomasz Dubejko

MSRI Preprint #1995-066

Construction géométrique de representations de Weil sur un corps fini

José Pantoja and Jorge Soto-Andrade

MSRI Preprint #1995-067

Grafting, harmonic maps, and projective structures on surfaces

Harumi Tanigawa

MSRI Preprint #1995-068

On Combinatorial Descriptions of Homotopy Groups of $\Sigma K(\pi,1)$

Jie Wu

MSRI Preprint #1995-069

On the Homology of Configuration Spaces $C((M,M_o)\times {\bold R}^n; X)$

Jie Wu

MSRI Preprint #1995-070

Symmetry via Spherical Reflection and Spanning Drops in a Wedge

John McCuan

MSRI Preprint #1995-071

On measure and Hausdorff dimension of Julia sets for holomorphic Collet--Eckmann maps

Feliks Przytycki

MSRI Preprint #1995-072

Harmonic Analysis on the Finite Twisted Poincaré Upper Half Plane

Jorge Soto-Andrade and Jorge Vargas

MSRI Preprint #1995-073

Zeta Functions of finite graphs and coverings

H. M. Stark and A. A. Terras

MSRI Preprint #1995-074

Reinhardt Domains with Non-Compact Automorphism Groups

Siqi Fu, Alexander V. Isaev and Steven G. Krantz

MSRI Preprint #1995-075

Finite Type Conditions on Reinhardt Domains

Siqi Fu, Alexander V. Isaev and Steven G. Krantz

MSRI Preprint #1995-076

The Marked Length Spectrum Versus the Laplace Spectrum on Forms on Riemannian Nilmanifolds

Ruth Gornet

MSRI Preprint #1995-077

Siegel Modular Forms and Theta Series attached to quaternion algebras II

Siegfried Böcherer and Rainer Schulze-Pillot

MSRI Preprint #1995-078

On Combinatorial Calculations for the James--Hopf maps

Jie Wu

MSRI Preprint #1995-079

A Product Decomposition of $\Omega^3_0\Sigma${\bf R}$P^2$

Jie Wu

MSRI Preprint #1995-080

The Renormalization Method and Quadratic-Like Maps

Yunping Jiang

MSRI Preprint #1995-081

On vanishing sums for roots of unity

Tsit-Yuen Lam and K. H. Leung

MSRI Preprint #1995-082

Douglas Algebras That Have No Maximal Subalgebra and No Minimal Superalgebra

Carroll Guillory

MSRI Preprint #1995-083

Nonexistence of Continuous Peaking Functions

Jiye Yu

MSRI Preprint #1995-084

Complete interpolating sequences for Paley-Wiener spaces and Muckenhoupt's $(A_p)$ condition

Yurii I. Lyubarskii and Kristian Seip

MSRI Preprint #1995-085

The Monodromy Groups of Schwarzian Equations on Compact Riemann Surfaces

Daniel Gallo, Michael Kapovich and Albert Marden

MSRI Preprint #1995-086

Continuity properties of best analytic approximation

Vladimir Peller and Nicholas J. Young

MSRI Preprint #1995-087

Classification of $N$-(super)-extended Poincaré algebras and bilinear invariants of the spinor representation of $Spin(p,q)$

Dmitry V. Alekseevsky and Vicente Cortés

MSRI Preprint #1995-088

Some results on the admissible representations of non-connected reductive $p$-adic groups

David Goldberg and Rebecca Herb

MSRI Preprint #1995-089

Bourgain algebras, minimal envelopes, minimal support sets, and some applications

Carroll Guillory

MSRI Preprint #1995-090

Relative cohomology of Banach algebras

Zinaida A. Lykova

MSRI Preprint #1995-091

A Hilbert space of Dirichlet series and systems of dilated functions in $L^2(0,1)$

Håkan Hedenmalm, Peter Lindqvist, and Kristian Seip

MSRI Preprint #1995-092

Two Distinguished Subspaces of Product BMO and the Nehari--AAK Theory for Hankel Operators on the Torus

Mischa Cotlar and Cora Sadosky

MSRI Preprint #1995-093

Regularity of Holomorphic Correspondences and Applications to the Mapping Problems

Xiaojun Huang

MSRI Preprint #1995-094

Some conditions on Douglas algebras that imply the invariance of the minimal envelope map

Carroll Guillory

MSRI Preprint #1995-095

Local Solvability For a Class of Partial Differential Operators With Double Characteristics

Michael Christ and Georgi Karadzhov

MSRI Preprint #1995-096

Global Irregularity For Degenerate Elliptic Operators

Michael Christ

MSRI Preprint #1995-097

Harmonic Measure of Curves in the Disk

Donald E. Marshall and Carl Sundberg

MSRI Preprint #1995-098

The Complete Classification of Rational Preperiodic Points of Quadratic Polynomials over Q: A Refined Conjecture

Bjorn Poonen

MSRI Preprint #1995-099

Infinite dimensional families of locally nonsolvable partial differential operators

Michael Christ, Georgi Karadzhov, and Detlef Müller

MSRI Preprint #1995-100

Reducing Essential Eigenvalues in the Boundary of the Numerical Range

Norberto Salinas and Maria Victoria Velasco

MSRI Preprint #1995-101

Canonical models for $\aleph_1$-combinatorics

Saharon Shelah and Jindrich Zapletal

MSRI Preprint #1995-102

Algebras associated with Blaschke products of type G

Carroll Guillory and Kin Y. Li

MSRI Preprint #1995-103

Surgery on postcritically finite rational maps by blowing up an arc

Kevin Pilgrim and Tan Lei

MSRI Preprint #1995-104

Extremal solutions of the two-dimensional $L$-problem of moments, II

Mihai Putinar

MSRI Preprint #1995-105

Approximation by analytic matrix functions. The four block problem

Vladimir Peller and Sergei Treil

MSRI Preprint #1995-106