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1997 MSRI Preprints

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Piles of Cubes, Monotone Path Polytopes and Hyperplane Arrangements

Christos A. Athanasiadis

MSRI Preprint #1997-001

On a Refined Stark Conjecture for Function Fields

Cristian D. Popescu

MSRI Preprint #1997-002

Gras-Type Conjectures for Function Fields

Cristian D. Popescu

MSRI Preprint #1997-003

On the Profinite Topology on Negatively Curved Groups

Rita Gitik

MSRI Preprint #1997-004

Polynomial Retracts and the Jacobian Conjecture

Vladimir Shpilrain and Jie-Tai Yu

MSRI Preprint #1997-005

Floer homology of Brieskorn homology spheres: solution to Atiyah's problem

Nikolai Saveliev

MSRI Preprint #1997-006

Geometry and topology of complex hyperbolic and CR-manifolds

Boris Apanasov

MSRI Preprint #1997-007

The Symmetry of Intersection Numbers in Group Theory

Peter Scott

MSRI Preprint #1997-008

Confidence Regions for Means of Multivariate Normal Distributions and a Non-Symmetric Correlation Inequality for Gaussian Measure

Stanislaw J. Szarek and Elisabeth Werner

MSRI Preprint #1997-009

Metric Entropy of Homogeneous Spaces

Stanislaw J. Szarek

MSRI Preprint #1997-010

Retardation of Plateau-Rayleigh Instability: A Distinguishing Characteristic Among Perfectly Wetting Fluids

John McCuan

MSRI Preprint #1997-011

Some Remarks on Real and Complex Output Feedback

Joachim Rosenthal and Frank Sottile

MSRI Preprint #1997-012

Knots, Links, and 4-Manifolds

Ronald J. Stern and Ronald Fintushel

MSRI Preprint #1997-013

The Tutte dichromate and Whitney homology of matroids

David G. Wagner

MSRI Preprint #1997-014

A fake smooth CP^2#RP^4

Daniel Ruberman and Ronald J. Stern

MSRI Preprint #1997-015

Some New Applications of Toric Geometry

J. Maurice Rojas

MSRI Preprint #1997-016

Toric Generalized Characteristic Polynomials

J. Maurice Rojas

MSRI Preprint #1997-017

Exact enumeration of 1342-avoiding permutations: A close link with labeled trees and planar maps

Miklós Bóna

MSRI Preprint #1997-018

On the Profinite Topology on Doubles of Groups, II

Rita Gitik

MSRI Preprint #1997-019

A Simple Bijection for the Regions of the Shi Arrangement of Hyperplanes

Christos A. Athanasiadis and Svante Linusson

MSRI Preprint #1997-020

Twisted Incidence Algebras and Kazhdan-Lusztig-Stanley functions

Francesco Brenti

MSRI Preprint #1997-021

Absolutely continuous spectrum of perturbed Stark operators

Alexander Kiselev

MSRI Preprint #1997-022

On two-generator satellite knots

Steven A. Bleiler and Amelia C. Jones

MSRI Preprint #1997-023

On invariants and homology of spaces of knots in arbitrary manifolds

Victor A. Vassiliev

MSRI Preprint #1997-024

Sierksma's Dutch Cheese Problem

K. S. Sarkaria

MSRI Preprint #1997-025

A Combinatorial proof of a result of Hetyei and Reiner on Foata-Strehl type permutation trees

Miklós Bóna

MSRI Preprint #1997-026

Explicit irreducible representations of the Iwahori-Hecke algebra of type F_4

Arun Ram and D. E. Taylor

MSRI Preprint #1997-027

On a computer recognition of 3-manifolds

Sergei V. Matveev

MSRI Preprint #1997-028

A Suspension Lemma for Bounded Posets

Jörg Rambau

MSRI Preprint #1997-029

On Subdivision Posets of Cyclic Polytopes

Paul H. Edelman, Jörg Rambau and Victor Reiner

MSRI Preprint #1997-030

A simple polynomial time algorithm to approximate the permanent within a simply exponential factor

Alexander Barvinok

MSRI Preprint #1997-031

Seiberg-Witten theory and Z/2^p actions on spin 4-manifolds

Jim Bryan

MSRI Preprint #1997-032

Continuity principle and extension properties of meromorphic mappings with values in non Kähler manifolds

Sergei Ivashkovich

MSRI Preprint #1997-033

Continued Fractions and Unique Additive Partitions

David J. Grabiner

MSRI Preprint #1997-034

Dehn surgery on arboresent knots and links -- a survey

Ying-Qing Wu

MSRI Preprint #1997-035

Non-integral toroidal surgery on hyperbolic knots in S^3

Cameron McA. Gordon, Ying-Qing Wu, and Xingru Zhang

MSRI Preprint #1997-036

Combinatorial methods in Dehn surgery

Cameron McA. Gordon

MSRI Preprint #1997-037

Sutured manifold hierarchies, essential laminations, and Dehn surgery

Ying-Qing Wu

MSRI Preprint #1997-038

On denominators of the Kontsevich integral and the universal perturbative invariant of 3-manifolds

Thang T. Q. Le

MSRI Preprint #1997-039

Order complexes of noncomplemented lattices are nonevasive

Dmitry Kozlov

MSRI Preprint #1997-040

A Polynomial Time Algorithm for Vertex Enumeration and Optimization over Shaped Partition Polytopes

Frank K. Hwang, Shmuel Onn, and Uriel G. Rothblum

MSRI Preprint #1997-041

Low-Dimensional Representations of the Special Linear Group in Cross-Characteristics

Robert M. Guralnick and Pham Huu Tiep

MSRI Preprint #1997-042

Diagrams of classifying spaces and k-fold Boolean algebras

Eric Babson and Dmitry Kozlov

MSRI Preprint #1997-043

Littlewood-Richardson semigroups

Andrei Zelevinsky

MSRI Preprint #1997-044

Asymptotic Redundancies for Universal Quantum Coding

Christian Krattenthaler and Paul B. Slater

MSRI Preprint #1997-045

Proof of a determinant evaluation conjectured by Bombieri, Hunt and van der Poorten

Christian Krattenthaler and Doron Zeilberger

MSRI Preprint #1997-046

On weights of l-adic representation

Serguei Tankeev

MSRI Preprint #1997-047

Enumerating representations in finite wreath products

Thomas Müller

MSRI Preprint #1997-048

On Rigidity and the Albanese Variety for Parallelizable Manifolds

Jörg Winkelmann

MSRI Preprint #1997-049

Flat Vector Bundles over Parallelizable Manifolds

Jörg Winkelmann

MSRI Preprint #1997-050

Separated nets in Euclidean space and Jacobians of biLipschitz maps

Dimitri Burago and Bruce Kleiner

MSRI Preprint #1997-051

Finite-volume hyperbolic 4-manifolds that share a fundamental polyhedron

Dubravko Ivansic

MSRI Preprint #1997-052

Spin^c structures and homotopy equivalences

Robert E. Gompf

MSRI Preprint #1997-053

Complexes of not i-connected graphs

Eric Babson, Anders Björner, Svante Linusson, John Shareshian, and Volkmar Welker

MSRI Preprint #1997-054

2-stack sortable permutations with a given number of runs

Miklós Bóna

MSRI Preprint #1997-055

Toroidal and annular Dehn fillings

Cameron McA. Gordon and Ying-Qing Wu

MSRI Preprint #1997-056

Alexander Duality, Gropes and Link Homotopy

Vyacheslav S. Krushkal and Peter Teichner

MSRI Preprint #1997-057

Quantization of Presymplectic Manifolds and Circle Actions

Ana Canas da Silva, Yael Karshon, and Susan Tolman

MSRI Preprint #1997-058

Extended Linial Hyperplane Arrangements for Root Systems and a Conjecture of Postnikov and Stanley

Christos A. Athanasiadis

MSRI Preprint #1997-059

Basic analog of Fourier series on a q-quadratic grid

Joaquin Bustoz and Sergei K. Suslov

MSRI Preprint #1997-060

Scharlemann's manifold is standard

Selman Akbulut

MSRI Preprint #1997-061

Pieri-type formulas for maximal isotropic Grassmannians via triple intersections

Frank Sottile

MSRI Preprint #1997-062

Numerical Schubert Calculus

Birkett Huber, Frank Sottile, and Bernd Sturmfels

MSRI Preprint #1997-063

Compactifying sufficiently regular covering spaces of compact 3-manifolds

Robert Myers

MSRI Preprint #1997-064

q-Rook polynomials and matrices over finite fields

James Haglund

MSRI Preprint #1997-065

Linear inequalities for flags in graded posets

Louis J. Billera and Gábor Hetyei

MSRI Preprint #1997-066

Absolutely continuous spectrum for one-dimensional Schödinger operators with slowly decaying potentials: some optimal results

Michael Christ and Alexander Kiselev

MSRI Preprint #1997-067

Extension of incompressible surfaces on the boundary of 3-manifolds

Michael Freedman, Hugh Howards, and Ying-Qing Wu

MSRI Preprint #1997-068

Topology of two-connected graphs and homology of spaces of knots

Victor A. Vassiliev

MSRI Preprint #1997-069

Some orthogonal very-well-poised _8\varphi_7-functions that generalize Askey-Wilson polynomials

Sergei K. Suslov

MSRI Preprint #1997-070

Additivity of Tunnel Number for Small Knots

Jennifer Schultens

MSRI Preprint #1997-071

Motion by weighted mean curvature is affine invariant

Jean Taylor

MSRI Preprint #1997-072

A monoid for the universal k-Bruhat order

Nantel Bergeron and Frank Sottile

MSRI Preprint #1997-073

Cutting Sequences for Geodesic Flow on the Modular Surface and Continued Fractions

David J. Grabiner and Jeffrey C. Lagarias

MSRI Preprint #1997-074

Obstructions to Shellability

Michelle L. Wachs

MSRI Preprint #1997-075

The tunnel number of the connect sum of n knots is at least n

Martin Scharlemann and Jennifer Schultens

MSRI Preprint #1997-076

Vertex theorems for capillary drops on support planes

Robert Finn and John McCuan

MSRI Preprint #1997-077

Bases in Systems of Simplices and Chambers

Tatiana Alekseyevskaya

MSRI Preprint #1997-078

The combinatorics of Steenrod operations on the cohomology of Grassmannians

Cristian Lenart

MSRI Preprint #1997-079

The Fixed Point Property for Posets of Small Width

Jonathan David Farley

MSRI Preprint #1997-080 was renumbered 1998-017

Chain Decomposition Theorems for Ordered Sets (and Other Musings)

Jonathan David Farley

MSRI Preprint #1997-081

Combinatorial Representation Theory

Hélène Barcelo and Arun Ram

MSRI Preprint #1997-082

Residue symbols and Jantzen-Seitz partitions

Christine Bessenrodt and Jørn B. Olsson

MSRI Preprint #1997-083

Nonhyperbolic Dehn fillings on hyperbolic 3-manifolds

Mario Eudave-Muñoz and Ying-Qing Wu

MSRI Preprint #1997-084

Genus two Heegaard splittings of orientable three-manifolds

Hyam Rubinstein and Martin Scharlemann

MSRI Preprint #1997-085

Brownian Motion in a Weyl Chamber, Non-Colliding Particles, and Random Matrices

David J. Grabiner

MSRI Preprint #1997-086

Manifolds not containing Gompf nuclei

András I. Stipsicz

MSRI Preprint #1997-087

Gauge Symmetry and Integrable Models

Shao-Shiung Lin, Oktay K. Pashaev and Shi-Shyr Roan

MSRI Preprint #1997-088

Skein Modules and Lattice Gauge Field Theory

Doug Bullock, Charles Frohman, and Joanna Kania-Bartoszynska

MSRI Preprint #1997-089

Doubles of Groups and Hyperbolic LERF 3-Manifolds

Rita Gitik

MSRI Preprint #1997-090

The Quantum Dynamics of the Compactified Trigonometric Ruijsenaars-Schneider Model

Jan Felipe van Diejen and Luc Vinet

MSRI Preprint #1997-091

The number of rhombus tilings of a ``punctured'' hexagon and the minor summation formula

Soichi Okada and Christian Krattenthaler

MSRI Preprint #1997-092

Low regularity semi-linear wave equations

Terence Tao

MSRI Preprint #1997-093

Correlation between pole location and asymptotic behavior for Painlevé I solutions

Ovidiu Costin

MSRI Preprint #1997-094

3-manifolds as viewed from the curve complex

John Hempel

MSRI Preprint #1997-095

Skew Schubert functions and the Pieri formula for flag manifolds

Nantel Bergeron and Frank Sottile

MSRI Preprint #1997-096

L^p bounds for singular integrals and maximal singular integrals with rough kernels

Loukas Grafakos and Atanas Stefanov

MSRI Preprint #1997-097

Variational evolution problems and nonlocal geometric motion

Mikhail Feldman

MSRI Preprint #1997-098

Embedded minimal ends asymptotic to the helicoid

John McCuan and David Hoffman

MSRI Preprint #1997-099

Poincaré inequalities and quasiconformal structure on the boundary of some hyperbolic buildings

Marc Bourdon and Hervé Pajot

MSRI Preprint #1997-100

Singular normal form for the Painlevé equation P1

Ovidiu Costin and Rodica Daniela Costin

MSRI Preprint #1997-101

Involutions on Moduli Spaces and Refinements of the Verlinde Formula

Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen and Gregor Masbaum

MSRI Preprint #1997-102

Bellman functions and two weight inequalities for Haar multipliers

Fedor Nazarov, Sergei Treil, and Alexander Volberg

MSRI Preprint #1997-103

Weak type estimates and Cotlar inequalities for Calderón-Zygmund operators in nonhomogeneous spaces

Fedor Nazarov, Sergei Treil, and Alexander Volberg

MSRI Preprint #1997-104

The Calderón Commutator Along a Parabola

Anthony Carbery, Steve Hofmann, and James Wright

MSRI Preprint #1997-105

Singular Integrals Associated to Hypersurfaces: L^2 Theory

Stephen Wainger, James Wright, and Sarah Ziesler

MSRI Preprint #1997-106

Domains with Non-Compact Automorphism Group: A Survey

Alexander V. Isaev and Steven G. Krantz

MSRI Preprint #1997-107

Vortex Dynamics for the Ginzburg-Landau-Schrödinger Equation

James E. Colliander and Robert L. Jerrard

MSRI Preprint #1997-108

Completely regular multivariate stationary process and the Muckenhoupt condition

Sergei Treil and Alexander Volberg

MSRI Preprint #1997-109

A sharp Schwarz inequality on the boundary

Robert Osserman

MSRI Preprint #1997-110

Deformations and stability in complex hyperbolic geometry

Boris Apanasov

MSRI Preprint #1997-111

Introduction to the non-linear trace theory and generalised boundary value problems

Laurent Véron

MSRI Preprint #1997-112