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2000 MSRI Preprints

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Lattices and parameter reduction in division algebras

Martin Lorenz and Zinovy Reichstein

MSRI Preprint #2000-001

Rational functions with real critical points and the B. and M. Shapiro conjecture in real enumerative geometry (revised)

Alex Eremenko and Andrei Gabrielov

MSRI Preprint #2000-002

Examples of Hopf algebras of dimension 2m

Yevgenia Kashina

MSRI Preprint #2000-003

The LMO-invariant of 3-manifolds of rank one and the Alexander polynomial

Jens Lieberum

MSRI Preprint #2000-004

A combinatorial approach to quantification of Lie algebras

V. K. Kharchenko

MSRI Preprint #2000-005

The elliptic curve in the S-duality theory and Eisenstein series for Kac-Moody groups

Mikhail Kapranov

MSRI Preprint #2000-006

Jordan superalgebras defined by brackets

Consuelo Martínez, Ivan Shestakov, and Efim Zelmanov

MSRI Preprint #2000-007

Classical integration rules and Wiener measure

Amarjit S. Budhiraja and Andrew J. Sommese

MSRI Preprint #2000-008

Conditions satisfied by characteristic polynomials in fields and division algebras

Zinovy Reichstein and Boris Youssin

MSRI Preprint #2000-009

On a property of special groups

Zinovy Reichstein and Boris Youssin

MSRI Preprint #2000-010

Principal One-Sided Ideals in Ore Polynomial Rings

T. Y. Lam and André Leroy

MSRI Preprint #2000-011

A remark on quiver varieties and Weyl groups

Andrea Maffei

MSRI Preprint #2000-012

Classification of semisimple Hopf algebras of dimension 16

Yevgenia Kashina

MSRI Preprint #2000-013

On the second moment for primes in an arithmetic progression

Daniel Goldston and C. Y. Yildirim

MSRI Preprint #2000-014

Finite Groups Embeddable in Division Rings

Tsit-Yuen Lam

MSRI Preprint #2000-015

Numerical Decomposition of the Solution Sets of Polynomial Systems into Irreducible Components

Andrew J. Sommese, Jan Verschelde, and Charles W. Wampler

MSRI Preprint #2000-016

A Pseudo-Analyzer Approach to Formal Group Laws not of Operad Type

Ralf Holtkamp

MSRI Preprint #2000-017

Wedderburn Polynomials over Division Rings

Tsit-Yuen Lam and André Leroy

MSRI Preprint #2000-018

Topological Entropy of Free Product Automorphisms (REVISED)

Nathanial P. Brown, Kenneth Dykema, and Dimitri Shlyakhtenko

MSRI Preprint #2000-019

Annihilation Theorem and Separation Theorem for basic classicalLie superalgebras.

Maria Gorelik

MSRI Preprint #2000-020

On semisimple Hopf algebras of dimension 2^n

Yevgenia Kashina

MSRI Preprint #2000-021

Abelian Solitons

Ron Y. Donagi and Emma Previato

MSRI Preprint #2000-022

Characterizing Type I C*-algebras via Entropy

Nathanial P. Brown

MSRI Preprint #2000-023

Herrero's Approximation Problem for Quasidiagonal Operators

Nathanial P. Brown

MSRI Preprint #2000-024

Skein modules of links in cylinders over surfaces

Jens Lieberum

MSRI Preprint #2000-025

Counting Discriminants of Number Fields

Henri Cohen, Francisco Diaz y Diaz and Michel Olivier

MSRI Preprint #2000-026

Small data oscillation implies the saturation assumption

Willy Dörfler and Ricardo H. Nochetto

MSRI Preprint #2000-027

Infinite non-simple C^*-algebras: absorbsion of the Cuntz algebra\mathcal{O}_\infty

Eberhard Kirchberg and Mikael Rordam

MSRI Preprint #2000-028

Galois Groups Over Nonrigid Fields

Wenfeng Gao, David B. Leep, Jan Minac, and Tara L. Smith

MSRI Preprint #2000-029

Irreducible subfactors of L(\mathbb F_\infty) of index \lambda>4

Dimitri Shlyakhtenko and Yoshimichi Ueda

MSRI Preprint #2000-030

Classification of simple C^*-algebras of tracial topological rank zero

Huaxin Lin

MSRI Preprint #2000-031

Universal properties of L(F_\infty) in subfactor theory

Sorin Popa and Dimitri Shlyakhtenko

MSRI Preprint #2000-032

On a generic inverse differential Galois problem for GL_n

Lourdes Juan

MSRI Preprint #2000-033

On the Z_l-rank of abelian extensions with restricted ramification

Christian Maire

MSRI Preprint #2000-034

Stable C*-algebras

Mikael Rørdam

MSRI Preprint #2000-035

Extensions of number fields with wild ramification of bounded depth

Farshid Hajir and Christian Maire

MSRI Preprint #2000-036

Non-commutative Poisson Boundaries and Compact Quantum Group Actions

Masaki Izumi

MSRI Preprint #2000-037

R-cyclic families of matrices in free probability

Alexandru Nica, Dimitri Shlyakhtenko, and Roland Speicher

MSRI Preprint #2000-038