The software hierarchy describes the software packages used to create nearly all of the content on the SGP web site. This software was created by ^James T. Hoffman.* Versions of these applications for ^IRIX are publicly available via ^ annonymous ftp. Some versions for Linux are under development. Some of the packages, as well as libraries used in all of the packages, are gradually being ported to the Java platform, and will eventually listed under the Java Software hierarchy.

Surface Generation and Visualization
Meshminimal surface generation using the Weierstrass representation
JMeshJava port of Mesh with Mathematica interface
SolSurflevel surface contouring of functions of three variables
LEDGautomated creation of Brakke Surface Evolver data files
Modeling & Simulation
TEMsimsimulation of TEM images of periodic microstructures
Visualization & Rendering
VPSa Visual Programming System with visualization and rendering applications
* The support of several institutions and individuals have helped make this work possible.