Mesh is a tool for generating approximations of minimal surfaces given by the Weierstrass Formula. Mesh was used to create most of the surfaces illustrated in the Minimal Surface Library.

Mesh can be thought of as having a client-server architecture: a single general-purpose 'server' handles mesh generation, data storage, graphics, and user interface tasks; and small surface-specific 'client' modules written by mesh users plug into the server. The client and server correspond to two distinct but communicating applications mesh and fmesh. A small application called mgen facilitates the building of client modules.

For detailed information about Mesh, consult the Mesh Description in PostScript or an abridged version in HTML. Unix-style man pages for mesh, fmesh, mgen are available in PostScript form. Mesh's graphical user interface may be seen in the Session Snapshots.

The Mesh Distribution can be found here.

Mesh clients can be downloaded from the Mesh Clients Library.