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FHT Reading Group: Monopoles and Hilbert schemes September 29, 2022 (11:00 AM PDT - 12:30 PM PDT)
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Location: MSRI: Baker Board Room, Online/Virtual
Speaker(s) Eugene Gorsky (University of California, Davis)
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The work of Aganagic and her collaborators suggests a relation between the moduli spaces of monopoles and knot homology. I will give an explicit description of the spaces of SU(2) monopoles on R^3 (following Donaldson), discuss their relation to  Hilbert schemes of points, and review some facts about the geometry and topology of these spaces. Recently, Bullimore-Dimofte-Gaiotto and Braverman-Finkelberg-Nakajima related the spaces of monopoles and their cousins to Coulomb branches of supersymmetric gauge theories, these developments will be discussed as well.

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