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Automorphic Forms and Representations of p-adic groups November 27, 2001 - December 01, 2001
Registration Deadline: December 01, 2001 about 21 years ago
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Organizers W. T. Gan, J. S. Li, D. Ramakrishnan, G. Savin (chair) and J. K. Yu

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LOCATION ALERT ! Note: The location of this workshop is The Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada. For more information on the Conference Center, please see their website: http://www.banffcentre.ca/ DATE ALERT ! This workshop is scheduled for Nov. 27 Tuesday through Dec. 1 Saturday. The main topics of this conference arise out of the classical theory of modular forms. The workshop will focus on recent advances in the classification of square integrable representations of reductive p-adic groups, and on modular forms, and their Fourier coefficients, on various reductive groups. We will have three short lecture series (2-3 hours each) given by Wee-Teck Gan and Jiu-Kang Yu of Princeton University, and by Marko Tadic of Zagreb University, Croatia and the University of Utah. Other expected speakers include: Stephen DeBacker, University of Chicago Dihua Jiang, University of Minnesota Henry Kim, Southern Illinois University Julee Kim, University of Michigan Fiona Murnaghan, University of Toronto Hee Oh, Princeton University David Pollack, Ohio State University Stephen Rallis, Ohio State University Martin Weissman, Harvard University Note: All talks take place at the Banff Conference Centre in Alberta, Canada.
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