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MSRI/Howard Workshop on Geometry: An Introduction to 2003-04 Programs at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute September 21, 2002 - September 22, 2002
Registration Deadline: September 22, 2002 over 20 years ago
To apply for Funding you must register by: June 21, 2002 over 20 years ago
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Organizers Joshua A. Leslie (Howard University) and Robert E. Megginson (MSRI)

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LOCATION: Howard University, Washington DC (105 Locke Hall) The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute and Howard University will conduct a weekend workshop at Howard this fall on upcoming programs at MSRI. All talks will be expository, and will include descriptions of different ways to participate in these and other MSRI programs, at different levels including attending an introductory workshop or (for graduate students) a summer graduate program. The speakers will also discuss ways to prepare for participation, both in their talks and one-on-one with those who are interested. A schedule for the workshop is now available (updated 9/17/02). The speakers on upcoming MSRI programs and their topics will be: Robert Bryant, Duke University, Modern Differential Geometry Jesús A. De Loera, Discrete and Computational Geometry Frank Sottile, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Topological Aspects of Real Algebraic Geometry Sergey Yuzvinsky, University of Oregon, Hyperplane Arrangements and Applications (planned for 2004-05) Each of the above speakers will give two one-hour expository talks introducing the material of the programs. In addition, there will be a special one-hour presentation on symplectic geometry: Augustin Banyaga, Pennsylvania State University, Some Landmarks in Symplectic Geometry and Topology of the Last Two Decades Workshop location on campus: 105 Locke Hall; a map showing the location of Locke Hall on campus is available. Lodging: While lodging is not available at the conference site, Howard University is near a stop of the Washington Metrorail system (the DC subway), which makes access to Howard fairly easy from any hotel in the DC area near a Metro stop. The following maps may help: Howard University environs on which the Metro stop is just south of the intersection of Florida Avenue NW and Georgia Avenue NW; Howard University Metro station; Washington Metrorail system. Expedia's hotel listings for the DC area often specify which hotels are near Metro stops. The Metro begins operation at 8 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Funding: The funds available to support participant attendance at this workshop were exhausted by requests received by the August 16 deadline. Support may still be requested on the workshop registration web page in case additional funds become available. However, this will not be known by the time of the workshop, so applicants should make attendance decisions under the assumption that support cannot be provided.
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