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San Francisco State University/MSRI Workshop on Modern Mathematics: An Introduction to 2005-06 Programs at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute September 18, 2004 - September 19, 2004
Registration Deadline: September 19, 2004 over 18 years ago
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Organizers David Ellis (SFSU), David Meredith (SFSU), Hugo Rossi (MSRI)

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San Francisco State University and the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute will conduct a weekend workshop at SFSU on modern developments in mathematics that will be the focus of upcoming research programs and summer graduate programs at MSRI, supplemented by additional special invited talks. All presentations will be expository, intended for faculty who may not be closely working in these areas, as well as for graduate students who have had the usual general preparation for advanced study in the early part of a Ph.D. program but who may not yet have specialized. Talks on MSRI programs will include descriptions of different ways to be involved with these programs. The speakers, as listed below, will also be available for one-on-one discussions with those who are interested. Directions to SFSU The best way to get from the hotel to SFSU is to take the M streetcar from downtown Market Street to SFSU. The hotel can tell people how to walk the few blocks to the Muni station on Market Street. Take the outbound M car and get off right in front of SFSU. Note that the Muni station shares a location with a BART station. The BART tracks are one floor below the Muni tracks. If driving, free parking is available all around campus. The weekday time limits don't apply on the weekend. The meeting will be held in SCI 101. That's at the west side of the Science building closest to the quad. Visit http://www.sfsu.edu/faq/map.htm for a map. Speakers: Dan Tataru, UC Berkeley, for the program Nonlinear Diffusion Equations Cristian Gutierrez, Temple University, for the program Nonlinear Elliptic Equations Jack Morava, Johns Hopkins University, for the program New Topological Structures in Physics Bjorn Poonen and Ken Ribet, for the program Rational and Integer Points in Higher Dimensional Varieties. Juan Meza, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Special Lecture. Schedule Saturday, September 18 9 am Dan Tataru, Professor of Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley Nonlinear wave equations 10:30 am Jack Morava, Professor of Mathematics, Johns Hopkins University Old Mathematics and New Physics 11:40 Bjorn Poonen, Program on Rational and Integer Points on Higher Dimensional Varieties. Video presentation 12:30-1:30 pm Lunch 1:30 Matt Miller, Opportunities at MSRI 2:15 pm Cristian Guttierez, Program on Nonlinear Elliptic Equations and Applications 3:15 pm Ken Ribet, Professor of Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley Fermat's Last Theorem and some generalizations 4:30 pm Juan C. Meza, Department Head,High Performance Computing Research, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory The Role of Mathematics in Amplifying Science Research Sunday, September 19 9 am Jack Morava, Program on New Topological Structures in Physics 10:30 am Dan Tataru, Program on Nonlinear Dispersive Equations 12:00 Lunch 1:30 pm Cristian Guttierez, Professor of Mathematics, Temple University Monge-Ampere type equations arising in optimal transport
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