Eran Borenstein

My picture Eran Borenstein
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
1725 Telegraph Ave.
Berkeley CA 94703
Telephone: (510)-643-6062

I am currently an MSRI member, participating in the Mathematical, Computational and Statistical Aspects of Image Analysis.
I am also a post-doc at the EECS department in UC Berkeley, working with Jitendra Malik.
I performed my doctoral studies in the Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at the Weizmann Institute of Science, with Shimon Ullman.

My research area is machine and human vision. My aim is to conduct research designed to better understand and imitate the processes of the human visual system, and examine their potential implementation in computer vision as well as possible applications. I wish to focus on developing models that account for the ability of our visual system to know "what" is in the image and "where" it is. In particular, I am interested in object classification and recognition, figure-ground segmentation, the interaction between top-down and bottom-up visual processes and other problems related to perceptual organization.


Horse Images

The Weizmann Horse Database consists of 328 side-view color images of horses that were also manually segmented. The images were randomly collected from the WWW to evaluate the top-down segmentation scheme as well as its combination with bottom-up processing. For further elaboration, please refer to our related publications above (ECCV2002, ECCV2004,CVPR2004).
Please feel free to download and use this database, providing you reference one of the above papers.

Entire database (19.5Mb) including:
Horses (RGB) (14Mb)
Horses (grey) (4Mb)
Horses (figure-ground) (1.3Mb)

Last Updated Jan 19 2005