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  • Bay Fog

    Bay Fog

  • Grizzly Peak

    Grizzly Peak

  • Snow


    A snowy day in Berkeley, seen from MSRI

  • Lobby Gathering

    Lobby Gathering

  • Bay View Trees

    Bay View Trees

  • SF Sunset

    SF Sunset

  • Bay Fog 2

    Bay Fog 2

  • Trees


  • Weathervane


  • Internal Lobby

    Internal Lobby

  • Sunset 1n

    Sunset 1n

  • Sunset 3

    Sunset 3

  • Sunset 1

    Sunset 1

  • Wild Flowers

    Wild Flowers

  • Rainbow


  • Sunset 2

    Sunset 2

  • Bay Light

    Bay Light

  • Sunset 2n

    Sunset 2n

  • Internal Stair

    Internal Stair

  • Sunset 4

    Sunset 4

  • Reception


  • Walkway


  • Fiery Clouds

    Fiery Clouds

  • Dark Bay View

    Dark Bay View

  • New Building

    New Building

  • Misty Entrance

    Misty Entrance

  • Helaman Ferguson sculpting The Eightfold Way in MSRI’s Berlekamp garden

    Helaman Ferguson sculpting The Eightfold Way in MSRI’s Berlekamp garden

Other Images:

Panorama Photo

What does it look like at MSRI? If you have the Apple Quicktime software installed for your browser, you can get an idea from a panoramic photo (make sure to pan around to see the full view). The Quicktime player is a free download from Apple for Macs and Windows.

Webcam Image

Up-to-the-minute webcam image with current weather conditions from Lawrence Hall of Science (around 300 yards down the hill from MSRI)

25th Anniversary Dinner

Photos from the 25th Anniversary Dinner.

Chern Dedication

Photos of the newly constructed Chern Hall.

Simons Dedication

Photos of the newly constructed Simons Auditorium

Images From Ed Alcock

Ed Alcock, a journalist in residence during Spring 2003 and a professional photographer took these pictures at the play "Partition", about Hardy and Ramanujan.

Snow At Msri, Jan 28, 2002

Early morning photos by Marsha Borg

Sculpture By Bruce Beasley

Opening of an Exhibit of Bronze Sculpture by Bruce Beasley at MSRI, 11/14/1999.

Mt. Diablo Tarantula

Every fall the male tarantulas come out on Mt. Diablo to look for mates. This was a trip to see this, with naturalist and teacher Bob Love.

Director Letters

Directors Letters

June 2017 Congressional Briefing

Photos from the MSRI and American Mathematical Society joint Congressional briefing in Washington, D.C. on June 28, 2017, featuring Dr. David Donoho of Stanford University.

Msri Up 2017

Photos from the 2017 MSRI-UP summer program in Berkeley.

Msri Up 2016

Photos from the MSRI-UP 2016 summer program in Berkeley.