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Current Colloquia & Seminars

  1. UC Berkeley Chancellor Course: Topics in Differential Geometry

    Location: MSRI: Baker Board Room, Online/Virtual
    Speakers: Jason Lotay (University of Oxford)

    Advanced topics chosen by the instructor. The content of this course changes, as in the case of seminars.



    Updated on Nov 21, 2022 10:19 AM PST
  2. What Is Seminar: Hermitian-Yang-Mills Connections on Some Non-Compact Kahler Manifolds with Volume Growth at Most 2

    Location: MSRI: Baker Board Room, Online/Virtual
    Speakers: Junsheng Zhang (University of California, Berkeley)

    To participate in this seminar, please register HERE.

    We study a special case for the existence of (projective) Hermitian-Yang-Mills connections on a vector bundle E over a non-compact Kahler manifolds X. By assuming both (X,E) can be compactified and putting some conditions on the asymptotic behavior of the Kahler metric on $X$, we get an algebraic criterion. This criterion is a new stability notion which is generalization of the standard slope stability.

    Updated on Nov 29, 2022 01:32 PM PST