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  1. MSRI-UP Colloquium: Tangents to Sigma-finite Curves

    Location: MSRI: Baker Board Room
    Speakers: Bobby Wilson (University of Chicago)

    In this talk, we will discuss the question of whether continuous, simple curves in Euclidean space with sigma-finite length have tangents at any points.  The results on $\sigma$-finite curves that we will discuss were initiated by the observation that the graph of a continuous function on [0,1] that satisfies a weak-Lipschitz property has sigma-finite one-dimensional Hausdorff measure. We will discuss our conclusion that every $\sigma$-finite curve has a tangent, in the pointwise sense, on a set of positive measure. This is joint work with M. Csornyei.

    Created on Jun 18, 2015 09:08 AM PDT

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