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Upcoming Hot Topics Workshops

  1. Hot Topics: Shape and Structure of Materials

    Organizers: Myfanwy Evans (TU Berlin), LEAD Frank Lutz (TU Berlin), Dmitriy Morozov (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), James Sethian (University of California, Berkeley), Ileana Streinu (Smith College)
    Msri lbnl pic 3
    Tangled honeycomb networks | and the Advanced Light Source at LBNL

    The fascinating and complicated microstructures of materials that are now visible through advanced imaging techniques challenge the frontiers of characterisation and understanding. At the same time, developments in modern geometric and topological techniques are beginning to illuminate important features of material structures, while the microstructures themselves and the analysis and prediction of their macroscopic properties are inspiring new directions in pure and applied mathematics. In a collaboration with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), this workshop aims at intensifying the interaction of mathematicians with material scientists, physicists and chemists on the structural description and design of materials.

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